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Disgrace (2008)

Drama | 119 minutes
3,11 319 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 119 minuten

Country: Australia / South Africa

Directed by: Steve Jacobs

Stars: John Malkovich and Ériq Ebouaney

IMDb score: 6,5 (5.827)

Releasedate: 6 September 2008


Disgrace plot

A scientist at the university but disgraced by an affair with a college student, retreats to his daughter's remote farm. He hopes to bring some balance into his life. But the harsh reality is relentlessly advancing and disrupting all fragile relationships. He and his daughter become the victim of a violent act.

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I am not a fan of John Malkovich despite the fact that he is a top actor who knows how to play special roles. However, after reading the reviews (the human side of the story and the motivations the characters have for their behavior), I got curious. The film aroused my interest for the first 45 minutes, but later I found it to be a bit long-winded. The recurring discussions between father and daughter about whether or not to take action against the violence. Lucy's accepting, resigned attitude and her attempts to appease and mediate in order to keep her farm in this way. This annoyed me and of course it says more about my character than about Lucy's own view of life and her feelings. The film paints a beautiful picture of the cultural differences in this world and the African landscape is also beautifully filmed. John Malkovich himself remains rather passive and, despite his plea for forgiveness, seems not to have learned much from his life experiences and those of his daughter. He gives life a philosophical twist. The ending is a bit disappointing to me. With this film I continue to have the feeling that there is no closure and the whole thing just stops. Rating: 3 stars.

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avatar van blurp194


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Great job.

The unsympathetic person Malkovich portrays makes it impossible to feel a bond with the lead. Yet it is fascinating to follow his experiences. The contrast between him and his daughter is striking although it is difficult to empathize with either of them, the problems they encounter are told neutrally and observantly, and in the contrast it becomes clear that neither of them has the last word. has. That is why it is a very good film.

I will put Coetzee's book on my list, I have become curious.

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avatar van ZAP!


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From JM Coetzee I can still remember that VPRO interview and the awkwardness of him in it (here an excerpt). I never read the book. I wasn't really into the movie either, but I did it anyway.

Malkovich does very well, but Jessica Haines plays him off the screen anyway, an impressive feat. The story contains many interesting things, but on the whole it feels too forced. Difficult to explain, but everything is mentioned and shown that should have been more implicit. For example, Petrus is clearly the figure who stands for the resigned acceptance of a heavy fate where the main character needs the entire duration of the film for. The youngest of the three attackers is portrayed as a kind of primitive ghost who does harm, but because of his youthfulness and associated innocence, he really shouldn't be to blame. I assume that things like this are outlined in the book as well, but let me keep it short and sweet with the film: I didn't think it turned out very well as a whole.

And why kill that dog? No idea. Anyway, David's behavior is quite elusive, which was probably the intent, but it didn't deliver the intriguing mystique it seemed to want to do.

Still, it was no punishment at all to have seen 'Disgrace', because it is an entertaining film and afterwards there was also enough to mentally ruminate. A 6 or 7.

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