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Athena (2022)

Drama / Thriller | 99 minutes
3,18 119 votes

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Duration: 99 minuten

Alternative title: RG03

Country: France

Directed by: Romain Gavras

Stars: Dali Benssalah, Sami Slimane and Anthony Bajon

IMDb score: 6,8 (12.725)

Releasedate: 9 September 2022

Athena plot

Abdel returns home after his youngest brother dies in a clash with the police. The family is broken. Abdel's younger brother Karim is out for revenge and his other brother Moktar is active in the criminal world. While Abdel tries to calm things down, tensions in the local Athena community run high.

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avatar van scorsese


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Excellent film in which violent riots break out in a neighborhood as a result of police brutality. Excellent camera work with many long takes. This adds to the tension and urgency during the scenes. Plenty of action and here and there also quite large. Many similarities with Les Misérables, by the same writer.

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avatar van Diederik58


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Very violent film set in the banlieue.Athena. The war is unleashed by the murder of the youngest brother of Abdel, Karim and Moktar. This is not surprising as a reason for banlieuerellen.

It is mainly about the relationship between the brothers. A cop, a raised youth who thinks he is an army chief and a criminal. That naturally leads to conflict

The camerawork sucks you into the film and makes it very intense.

The actors are doing fine.

At some point it gets very dramatic. This is where the film loses its credibility. It may not be the intention to paint a realistic picture.

I don't like the ending of the movie.

All in all a fine movie.

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avatar van Shadowed


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As a director, I mainly knew him from video clips, this is the first real feature film I see of him. His music video career got me interested in the movie, which has a very even kind of atmosphere. That means a lot of violent noise and very raw directing communication.

In any case, there is no question of a certain introduction at all. We are provided with a synopsis beforehand and we have to make do with that, because the film mainly implies the past and concentrates on the now. Gavras does not mince words either. Immediately we are thrown into a robbery and with very long takes we are dragged on.

The direction is impressive during the first half by opening immediately with raw action and a high tempo, which is then kept in it even at quieter moments with well-directed camera use. You actually feel drawn into the story which quickly takes on a kind of dystopian tone. The different perspectives weren't necessarily necessary, but that doesn't matter much.

It is only towards the second half that the film shows its weaknesses, especially because the riots themselves make little impression. A camera that does mix with the fuss, but never manages to get a good picture of it. Gavras was better at this in the past, this film reacts aloof and yet comes across too dusty to let us taste the fear or sweat of the characters. Since action is eventually also replaced by drama, it starts to work less and less. That does not alter the fact that the first half was of a high level and Netflix can finally feel proud again with an original.

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