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4:44 Last Day on Earth (2011)

Drama | 85 minutes
2,17 75 votes

Genre: Drama / Scifi

Duration: 85 minuten

Country: United States / Switzerland / France

Directed by: Abel Ferrara

Stars: Willem Dafoe, Shanyn Leigh and Paul Hipp

IMDb score: 4,6 (5.781)

Releasedate: 7 September 2011


4:44 Last Day on Earth plot

A couple lives in a spacious flat. They are in love with each other. She is a painter, he is a successful actor. This just seems like a normal afternoon – except it's not a normal afternoon, neither for them nor for anyone else. Because tomorrow, at 4:44 a.m., a few seconds earlier or later, the Earth will decay much faster than the greatest doomsayer ever imagined. The ultimate doom will come, not unannounced, but without the possibility of escape. There will be no survivors. Of course there will always be people who, against their better judgement, hope for some miracle. Not our two lovers. They - like the majority of the population - have resigned themselves to their fate: that the world will end.

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avatar van Jimske


  • 223 messages
  • 448 votes

Comparing this film to Melancholia is a shame. It can't reach their toes yet. Boring, slow, exhausted at the end, no sense at all of the approaching end of the world. Occasionally weak conversations/reactions. And no connection with the main characters at all. In short, weak food! 1*

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avatar van El ralpho

El ralpho

  • 1427 messages
  • 1043 votes

Complete boredom

Slow affair of barely an hour and a half with which I could do little. I still considered Melancholia, which also came out in the same year and has the same theme, as a nice mediocre album where I appreciated the focus on the characters instead of the end of the world itself. What I found disadvantageous was that the film was not very accessible and was a bit too rambling for me. In this film the emphasis is placed entirely on the characters and as a viewer it is even easier to get into it than with Melancholia, but otherwise this film was mainly annoying!

Here too it was far too rambling for me, and virtually little actually happened. Just a normal day in the life of a couple that I as a viewer couldn't connect with to begin with, because they're just a bunch of strange guys. The powerlessness of the characters should be clearly expressed here, but nothing is done to make the story around it exciting in any way. Furthermore, Skype has a fairly prominent role here, but in my opinion it added little. A single situation involving an argument between two people and a third party on the computer screen even unintentionally comes across as very funny, which I don't think was the intention.

The use of the Northern Lights was also very poorly depicted and although the idea behind it was certainly credible, it looked anything but that. Because the characters did not appeal to me at all, I soon no longer cared how they spent their last day and I could not sympathize with them. What remains are two people who spend the entire film acting a bit crazy and unable to properly interpret the interesting subject at all.


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avatar van Serpicos


  • 1073 messages
  • 3532 votes

Intense atmosphere, 80 minutes I really thought it was the last day on earth. Abel Ferrara does his thing and it works. Willem Dafoe with a superior performance.

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