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The Beach Bum (2019)

Comedy | 95 minutes
2,93 290 votes

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 95 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Harmony Korine

Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg and Isla Fisher

IMDb score: 5,5 (24.627)

Releasedate: 21 March 2019

The Beach Bum plot

"You gotta go low to get high."

A rebellious stoner named Moondog lives his life by his own rules. Moondog was once a successful, respected poet, but over the years he has turned into a broken man who leads a purposeless existence. That changes when his wealthy wife dies and he seems to miss out on the inheritance, forcing him to release his earlier work after all.

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avatar van Leland Palmer

Leland Palmer

  • 23739 messages
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That Harmony Kornine could really get stolen until this 'Beach Bum'. 'Gummo', 'Spring Breakers'... I didn't like it. But the trailer for this movie looked nice. So uncle HJ goes into the film blank, of course, and with as few prejudices as possible. A nice special beer, later a good whiskey .. and enjoy.

What a fun movie. McConaughey plays great. A role like this is, of course, made for him. But that man.. don't worry, just have fun. Leave capitalism for what it is and just have fun. Don't worry about things that matter little, just have fun in the borrowed time you live on.

The atmosphere created is super nice. Miami, the Florida Keys, the water, the boats, the beautiful skies, the sun, the women, the drinks and drugs on the beach, with the splashing water and the nice breeze. I almost felt it. I know Florida and the Keys and want to go back. Very fine movie. Have enjoyed.

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avatar van Zinema

Zinema (crew films)

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Predictably forcing.

That Matthew McConaughey and the cast had a lot of fun filming The Beach Bum is dripping from the screen. Improvisations seem to be a regular occurrence. But where they can laugh continuously, the majority of viewers will not. The jokes are very bland and predictable. Not good news for a comedy. Revered by the serious movie press, director Harmony Korine will no doubt have other stoner comedies like Cheech & Chong and The Big Lebowski racing through his mind. Masterpieces compared to this forced exploitation piece with the obligatory pinch of neon light.

On several occasions, while watching, you even have the feeling that you are witnessing a rush job from a director who desperately wants to be different. But doing arty farty with Martin Lawrence on board isn't easy. It delivers one of the film's most painful storylines. So bad you have to see it to believe it. The dialogues are often interesting, but the filmmaker tries too hard to always do something different than the average audience will swallow. So much so that it simply becomes painful. Especially if he gets away with a cliché ending.

Where the camera work at Springbreakers still worked in favor, it comes across as messy here. Anyone who can nevertheless laugh out loud at The Beach Bum should consider themselves lucky. A half-blind rasta flying a small plane, an anti-hero pushing a tuba player into the water, Snoop Dogg as master of ceremonies at a wedding, abused handicapped people and a penis poem are the average level, which may work better without pretensions. Or would that be the joke? Cult in the making again.


Thanks to The Searchers for the review copy.

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avatar van ghostman


  • 5708 messages
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This film mainly consists of dialogues / monologues . For example , we see ' uninterrupted ' conversations in several places . To clarify: we see for example Martin Lawrence talking about dolphins (and his business ) in 1 fluent conversation about the same subject, but in different locations, such as on the beach, on his boat and in his car. In this case, Korine does not interrupt the conversation, but moves the conversation by means of a jump cut to another location (scene). Everything looks like 1 flowing whole ( liquid cinema à la ManN ).

We also see Moondog and Minnie dancing in different locations with different backgrounds , while it is really only about one and the same dance .

The film mainly consists of these kinds of scenes .

You often see such editing techniques in the (surrealistic) films of Buñuel or Resnais, but in The Beach Bum (2019) I mainly have to go to To Live and Die in LA (1985 ) think . To illustrate , I mainly refer to the scene where Chance is talking to his colleague ( Vukovich ) about how he plans to rob a Chinese : 1 fluid conversation spread over several scenes / locations .

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