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The Expendables 2 (2012)

Action | 102 minutes
3,26 2.140 votes

Genre: Action / Adventure

Duration: 102 minuten

Alternative title: EX2

Country: United States

Directed by: Simon West

Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis

IMDb score: 6,6 (323.234)

Releasedate: 8 August 2012

The Expendables 2 plot

"Back for War."

The seedy CIA agent Church (Bruce Willis) sends the Expendables, a group of mercenaries, on another dangerous mission. The group must recover a missing package from the agency. However, the package is in Gaza, a war-torn Eastern European country. The mission goes awry when it turns out that another group of mercenaries, the Sangunaires, are trying to carry out the same assignment.

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avatar van Quentin


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Quite a disappointment, especially visually unappealing. VFX are shit anyway, but camerawork is also extremely poor and the film is full of ugly digital zoom work. Lousy post-production, strange that I haven't heard anyone about that yet. Not really possible with such a budget.

The story drags on with great difficulty from setpiece to setpiece and the action scenes (except for the final at the airport) are pretty weak. Little overview and lack of rhythm. The first part felt a lot fresher and at least had a clear focus. Anyway, Norris and Van Damme are still pretty funny.


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avatar van knusse stoel

knusse stoel

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These kinds of films all look so alike, a non-existent country (Gazak), a group of strong men and this time also a strong woman and opposite, another strong group.

Not that it's bad, but it is a somewhat monotonous story, just as the entire setup of these films also remains the same, action, calmer and action again. Some dry humor in between. And this time it's all about a product that can destroy the world for the umpteenth time. So time pressure is also stepped up to make the viewer "sweat" along before it can be too late.

Admittedly, I did enjoy myself but was somehow happy that the film started the final sprint and after more than an hour and a half you have seen so much violent action that it is nice to see a new episode of the series "Servant".

A spacious 6 for the hero team!

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avatar van mrklm


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Barney Ross [Sylvester Stallone] has yet to pay off a debt to Mr. Church [Bruce Willis]. He sends Barney and his mercenaries, this time joined by youngster Billy The Kid [Liam Hensworth], to the mountains of Albania for a salvage operation that involves extracting the valuable contents from a safe in a downed Chinese plane. A different location than before and this time a woman [Maggie Chang] joins the group, but otherwise this is a lazy repetition of moves with the only bright spot being Jean-Claude van Damme who is very memorable as Vilain. Joe can probably guess whose side he's on.

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