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Riders (2002)

Action | 83 minutes
2,55 304 votes

Genre: Action / Crime

Duration: 83 minuten

Alternative title: Steal

Country: France / United Kingdom / Canada

Directed by: Gérard Pirès

Stars: Stephen Dorff, Natasha Henstridge and Bruce Payne

IMDb score: 5,4 (6.029)

Releasedate: 8 May 2002

Riders plot

"An Extreme Team of Cons is Our For The Most Dangerous Heist of Them All"

Four lightning-fast bank robbers work in their own way. The more spectacular the robbery, the better, as long as they stay out of the hands of the police. The beautiful detective Karen, who is investigating the case, ends up in bed with one of the robbers, Slim. When Slim finally plans the robbery of his life so that he and his accomplices can enjoy their retirement, the four bank robbers are caught between two fires.

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avatar van Justinw


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A film in which the action/robberies pile up. Bad acting. No explanation at all about the robbery or preparation. Inexplicable things and a stupid story. Not to mention that Corrupt Detective, what bad acting. In short, not the best evening for me at Veronica after James bond (2*)

I really can't give this any higher than a 1*.

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avatar van John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker

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Great binoculars.

Actually, Fast Five doesn't have much more to offer. Perhaps the special effects look a bit better there, but in terms of scenario and script the differences are not that big.

A bit of a shame that only the opening scene is skated, but there are some nice images in between (for example the bridge, the ice, exploding van, truck tilted 45 degrees and the police car through a moving bus )

The chief is well played by Bruce Payne with his über-cool voice.
Karen Cliche, it happens to be in her name but the cliché (a friend in the crew) is fortunately limited because she dies.
The affair with Alex may be a bit cheap, but the dialogues remained sharp, because they always wanted to be the boss of each other.

The effect could have been better here and there. For example, when Otis just let himself be overpowered by Pandelis.

(American flag)

Certainly not top-notch, but it contains some powerful scenes, without too much dawdling.

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avatar van leatherhead


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Mme. The film doesn't look wrong, but is simply substandard on too many facets. Definitely could have lived more.

Nice opening scene, promises a nice action movie, but after that it actually goes downhill. Soon a rather ridiculous story pops up, and the acting is just too ridiculous for words. A group of sad horns with the look of a sack of potatoes, and some big ass, who seemed to be doing his best to talk like some kind of half-baked Duke Nukem.

Also a lot of 'story' (attempts at) and little action. Sporadically a funny moment comes along (police car flying into the bus), but for the rest it doesn't all settle down. The final chord can also be called somewhat amusing.

Since my expectations were already quite low in advance, I will be lenient and assign a small 2.0* to it. Other than that, this isn't really anything to write home about.

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