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Lionheart (1990)

Action | 105 minutes
2,89 740 votes

Genre: Action

Duration: 105 minuten

Alternative titles: Wrong Bet / A.W.O.L.: Absent without Leave

Country: United States

Directed by: Sheldon Lettich

Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Harrison Page and Deborah Rennard

IMDb score: 6,2 (39.899)

Releasedate: 7 June 1990

Lionheart plot

"When the streets are a jungle... There can only be one king."

After his brother is murdered in Los Angeles by a rival crime ring, Lyon Gaultier (Van Damme) flees the French Foreign Legion in a remote corner of North Africa. Chased by two officers of the Legion, he makes his way to the US, where he is introduced to the world of illegal freefights. To support his brother's family, Lyon takes part in these vicious battles, where only one man is left standing at a time...

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avatar van Antinous


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At least these are good movies! the 90s was a great time for good movies, and much better than the crap of today with all that animation and too fast images in it, and where they can't even direct well and come up with something new. That's also why I prefer to watch 90s movies.

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avatar van Black Eagle

Black Eagle

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I am a big fan of Van Damme's films and have seen almost all the productions from the 10s and 00s in particular.
On the other hand, I'm not that familiar with JCVD's movies for its fame. I've seen parts of Death Warrent and the beginning of Black Eagle and I didn't think it was very impressive, the latter anything but. And with all due respect: JCVD was unable to act at that time. So I didn't go into this Lionheart/Wrong Bet with high expectations. It's a movie you shouldn't expect much from. Low budget, thin story, a simple setting and an unknown cast. So a B movie and unlike now they weren't always a pleasure to watch. However, the fights look cool and you can see that Van Damme was at his peak. It's just a shame that you often see unnecessary close ups and the first fight in New York looks a bit fake. Other than that, it's not really exciting because there isn't much going on. The dialogues with Cyntiah and Nicole are still nice but Joshua is a bit on the annoying side and the men sent from the foreign legion were more comical than menacing.
All in all I would have lived a little more. The reason that brother got in trouble is hardly explained, except that he had problems with a drug dealer (you only see him being burned alive) and the ending is a bit strange. If Gaultier is caught after his final battle and sent back, he will simply be released during the ride for no reason.


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avatar van Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone

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In later films, Jean-Claude Van Damme would regularly be admired with neck tapestry, but it is a pity that he wears a military cut here. The film, although released in 1990, feels very eighties over-the-top, both in terms of decoration and content.

In any case, our Belgian action hero is allowed to hand out his well-known karate kicks, on time and in slow motion. The folly with which he reels off his simple dialogues is of an unprecedented high level. With regularly a tragic looking exterior shot of a gray neighbourhood, supported by saxophone music, the film also tries to add a load of drama.

The mayonnaise gets to me and makes for an extremely entertaining movie. However, we should not make it more than it is, the action scenes and choreography - a recurring minus in JCVD's films - are not very original, let alone excitingly directed.


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