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Will we see a SEQUEL to Prey?
Photo: © ANP

Will we see a SEQUEL to Prey?

Will we see a SEQUEL to Prey?
Photo: © ANP

One of the biggest surprise critical hits of 2022 was Prey, which acted as the prequel to action classic, Predator.

It follows a young Comanche warrior, Naru (Amber Midthunder), who battles an unknown alien creature in the Great Plains of North America.

Though the movie takes advantage of some impressive special effects, the Predator itself is played in full creature mode by former basketball player Dane DiLiegro.

Prey was so much of a success that there has been continued speculation about a sequel, and Amber Midthunder, who played Naru, has provided some insight as to what her character might come up against in a second movie.

“The movie is such a journey that definitely as the character by the end it feels like — well, also, there’s the — I think that it does in part feel like that," she told Collider.

"I think it's a hope for the best, prepare for the worst kind of situation. I think that it feels as though they're not gonna come back, but there are ultimately obviously all kinds of threats out there that are unforeseen.

"Even like the French fur trappers in that interaction and stuff like that, those are all discoveries of things that are out there that they had no idea about. So I think that it's not necessarily preparing for more predators or whatever; I think it's just there unforeseen threats and we gotta be ready.”

The secrecy of Prey

The production of Prey was kept under wraps for most of pre-production when it went under the running title of Skulls.

Midthunder has revealed that it wasn't until a long time down the road that she was actually informed that she was filming a Predator movie.

"I knew that it was a film only about a young Comanche woman who wanted to be a hunter, and I don't even know if I knew the exact time period," she explained.

"I don't know if that was decided at the time, or if I had that information. But I only had two scenes. It was a scene between me and Naru's mom Aruka in the tipi, who's now played by Michelle Thrush. And then Dakota Beavers' character Taabe, another scene of them by the fire. Those two scenes are still in the movie – very, very different now than when I had originally read them, but they stayed the same for a long time.

"That was in February of 2020. And then it disappeared because of COVID and then came back. I heard about it, and I was like, 'What is that movie?' Because it had been gone for so long, and I was like, 'Oh, yeah, yeah, that one! The Comanche one that I know nothing about!'

"And then it started again, and eventually somebody told me, quite close to the last audition, 'Oh, this is a Predator movie.'

"And I was like, 'What? Oh, my God! How's that gonna work?', and went through all the questions that everybody, I think, has cycled through. 'What? How would that..? What is that gonna look like? What does that mean?' I went through all those things, and then read the script, and then I understood."

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