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Vince Vaughn already knows what Dodgeball 2 will look like
Photo: © ANP

Vince Vaughn already knows what Dodgeball 2 will look like

Vince Vaughn already knows what Dodgeball 2 will look like
Photo: © ANP

Vince Vaughn has already presented an idea for a Dodgeball sequel to a major studio.

Dodgeball was released in 2004 and starred Vaughn and Ben Stiller as Peter LaFleur and White Goodmann, who, after a disagreement involving their respective gyms, captain their teams in a dodgeball tournament in Las Vegas.

It remains one of the most beloved comedies of the noughties and was a commercial success, too, earning $168 million off a budget of $20m. 

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Rumours of a sequel have been doing the rounds for nearly 20 years, and Vaughn told The Hollywood Reporter that he has a "fun" idea for the next instalment.

"They've always talked about these things forever and I had an idea that was fun and the studio likes it, so we'll see where it goes," he explained.

"I think Ben is open to doing it, I think he's in the same boat as me actually which is if it's a really fun and great idea then that's fun, but if it's just something to go do it again then why?

"I think for all of us if it feels right and it's funny, it would be something to go back to, and if it's not, it's just another idea getting kicked around."

Justin Long also recently told ComicBook.com that Vaughn had run a few ideas past him for Dodgeball 2.

Long provided an update to ComicBook.com.

"Vince had been telling me that he has this great idea for a sequel," he said.

Long did explain, however, that Stiller is a "little trepidatious about doing a sequel to something so beloved."

"It's very risky, you don't wanna s**t on the original, you want something just as good," he continued.

"So I think he's a little wary of that, of trying to recreate something that was very specific to that time, but I hope he comes around on it. Vince is a very convincing person, so I'm just hoping Vince can convince him with his idea. It's a funny idea, I don't wanna say what it is."

Vaughn unsure about sequels

From movies in which he was the main star, Vaughn has never appeared in a sequel as he believes they shouldn't be made just for the sake of it.

 "I've had so many movies that I've been fortunate with and I never jumped into the sequels for that reason," he continued.

"Because I always felt like if you're just doing it because you think it's a way to get an audience, the problem is you're not going to feel good on the other side of it. So we've waited and I'm sure one of them will make sense, there's some continuation that will work."

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