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Barry Keoghan: Heath Ledger made playing the Joker INTIMIDATING
Photo: © ANP

Barry Keoghan: Heath Ledger made playing the Joker INTIMIDATING

Barry Keoghan: Heath Ledger made playing the Joker INTIMIDATING
Photo: © ANP

Barry Keoghan may not have been in The Batman for very long, a matter of a few minutes, actually, but he still provided a chilling cameo of the most famous villain in comic book history, the Joker.

The character appears near the end of the movie in a conversation with The Riddler, played by Paul Dano. It was a short and sweet introduction to this new incarnation of the Joker.

However, it soon became known that Keoghan had filmed more scenes as the character, and this was shown via a deleted scene that was released. In it, Robert Pattinson's Batman visits the Joker in Arkham Asylum in an attempt to learn more about the murderous Riddler. It was a scene that evoked memories of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs.

Though Keoghan has short screen time - and even shorter on the theatrical release - he threw himself into the role, which he found intimidating due to having to live up to Heath Ledger's portrayal in The Dark Knight, which earned him a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

“It's very intimidating ," the Irishman told Collider.

"Heath Ledger was the best for me. So you have a lot of people to draw from and that. But again, you bring your version to it. That's what I do with any character I play, is no one has seen my version of it.

"And again, going back to it, I don't want to be like so-and-so, and follow that method and that method. I want to do me. I want to bring my version, because I feel that is new in a way, and unique, that when you bring your version no one has seen it. And that may make people relate to it. So it was intimidating, but I was excited for it.”

Matt Reeves working on Batman extended universe

The Batman was directed by Matt Reeves, who, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is planning an extended universe of Batman characters focused on villains from the comic book.

As well as a sequel for The Caped Crusader, Reeves is already producing a series focusing on Penguin and another on Arkham Asylum.

The Hollywood Reporter states that there will be further projects focused on the likes of Scarecrow, Clayface and Professor Pyg.

Reeves has also previously stated that he would be open to the idea of Mr Freeze appearing as the villain in The Batman: Part II.

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