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Kit Harington UNSURE if  he will return as Black Knight in the MCU
Photo: © ANP

Kit Harington UNSURE if he will return as Black Knight in the MCU

Kit Harington UNSURE if  he will return as Black Knight in the MCU
Photo: © ANP

Kit Harington says he is unsure if he will return for any future Eternals movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For the first Eternals movie, he played the character of Dane Whitman, the boyfriend of Sersi. Within the Marvel comic books, Whitman becomes the hero known as Black Knight, and he had his own post-credits scene at the end of Eternals which saw him collect the Ebony Blade, only to be interrupted by a mysterious voice, Blade, played by Mahershala Ali.

Though Harington doesn't know if he will play Whitman again, he is hopeful.

“I don’t know anything further. I know that there are plans, I think, at some point, but I don’t know what they are,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

As for that post-credits scene, he revealed:

“It was really exciting shooting that scene, that post-credits stuff, you come back and fill them after the film’s finished. So to see that there could be a continuation is obviously exciting."

Whitman to become Black Knight?

Within Eternals, Whitman plays a supporting role to the heroes of the piece, but Harington says he signed up for the project in the hope that he would eventually become one of those heroes, Black Knight.

"I kind of knew that that might be a possibility,” he said of becoming Black Knight.

"I wasn’t that interested in rocking up in a Marvel movie just to play someone’s boyfriend. I knew of some future possibilities, so that’s always been part of the conversation. But like with anything, you don’t really know.

"You sort of do your research on what character it could be, and you go, ‘Oh, that looks quite fun.’ But it’s up to them whether they want to bring that person into their plans.

"I don’t know at this stage. I have no idea what their plans are.”

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