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Jordan Peele hates 'elevated horror' concept
Photo: © ANP

Jordan Peele hates 'elevated horror' concept

Jordan Peele hates 'elevated horror' concept
Photo: © ANP

Jordan Peele has earned himself a stellar reputation over the last decade for his movie creations, to the point where he is now one of the most in-demand directors in Hollywood.

In 2017, he wrote and directed Get Out and followed that up with Us and Nope, with the latter being released in 2022.

Each of his projects are horror movies but with a focus on major social issues such as racism and the rich-versus-poor divide. Peele's films have been pigeonholed by some as being what is now known as 'elevated horror' - horror movies which are apparently slightly more high-brow than your usual 'scary' flicks.

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Peele and Ari Aster are the poster boys for this type of movie, with the latter making Hereditary and Midsommar, two critically acclaimed horrors.

Peele is not a fan of this term, though.

“I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to make ‘elevated’ films,” the director told The Verge.

“I think that’s a trap that I don’t quite appreciate because I, you know, I like making fucked-up films. I like making weird movies that I’m really just not supposed to make — and sometimes challenge people on the other side of things as well.”

'Elevated Horror' is a snobby term

Peele's sentiments are echoed by Censor director Prano Bailey-Bond, who believes that the term is snobby and arguably disrespectful to other horror movies.

“There’s something quite snobby about the term elevated horror,” she told Far Out.

 “Horror has always been the genre that’s gone to the difficult places and tackled complicated psychological or sociological ideas."

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