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Emily Blunt desperate to make an Edge of Tomorrow SEQUEL with Tom Cruise
Photo: © ANP

Emily Blunt desperate to make an Edge of Tomorrow SEQUEL with Tom Cruise

Emily Blunt desperate to make an Edge of Tomorrow SEQUEL with Tom Cruise
Photo: © ANP

Emily Blunt is "so ready" to make an Edge of Tomorrow sequel with Tom Cruise.

The first movie, directed by Doug Liman and released in 2014, told the story of an alien occupation of Europe in which a public relations officer, Major William Cage, is forced into action only to find himself stuck in a time loop.

Blunt played Sergeant Rita Vrataski who helped to train Cage for combat.

It has now been nine years since Edge of Tomorrow was released, and in that time Cruise has been busy taking the Mission: Impossible series into the stratosphere. Blunt wants him to take a break from Mission: Impossible to get an Edge of Tomorrow sequel on the go.

"There was one that Doug kind of slithered over to me. I mean, I would love to make it a reality but I just don’t know when or how," she said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“And how many 'Mission Impossibles' does he need? Come back to the side where… wasn’t he brilliant as a cowardly hero? Incredible.”

Blunt stated that she is "so ready" to make the movie and that she herself wasn't the "impediment" stopping it from happening.

Emily Blunt is not a movie star

Even though Blunt has had a hugely successful career, starring in such hits as Edge of Tomorrow, A Quiet Place, Oppenheimer, Looper, Sicario and The Girl on the Train, she doesn't consider herself to be a movie star.

“I think most people would want to consider themselves an actor ," she admitted.

“I just think, to me, a movie star sounds sort of too separate of what we kind of started out doing and why we love it and why I love it.

“Julia Roberts, who is, you know, was defined as a movie star. But you can’t forget her incalculable abilities as an actor and how incredible she was in 'Pretty Woman', that the reason she’s a movie star is because she kidnaps you and pulls you in to this movie because of her phenomenal talents and her charm and her charisma.

“When someone’s got that wattage to them, it’s like you can’t rip your eyes off them. Maybe that’s what the movie star thing is but I see it often as like a blend.”

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