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Bruce Lee's daughter has no idea why Quentin Tarantino has an issue with the Kung fu legend
Photo: © ANP

Bruce Lee's daughter has no idea why Quentin Tarantino has an issue with the Kung fu legend

Bruce Lee's daughter has no idea why Quentin Tarantino has an issue with the Kung fu legend
Photo: © ANP

It doesn't appear like Shannon Lee and Quentin Tarantino have sorted out their spat regarding Bruce Lee's depiction in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

At the midway point of the movie, we see Brad Pitt's stuntman Cliff Booth encounter Lee on the set of The Green Hornet. The Kung fu legend is arrogant, dismissive and continually downplays the prowess of the stuntmen and actors around him.

Cliff takes exception to this and the pair have a fight. This part of the story is inspired by a real-life tale in which an extra apparently challenged Lee to a fight.

After Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was released, Lee's daughter Shannon criticised how the movie characterised her dad.

And, she still hasn't spoken to Tarantino about it.

"It’s interesting. I actually don’t know... I’ve never met ," she told The Telegraph when asked why Tarantino depicted Lee in this way.

"I don’t know what his issues are with my father. Clearly, he thinks my father is cool, because he has borrowed from him quite a bit. But at the same time, I think he has been told a lot of stories by people who have encountered my father and had a negative reaction.

Once upon a Time in... Hollywood
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Once upon a Time in... Hollywood (2019)

The summer of 1969. Rick Dalton, an actor on the decline, feels that his days as a leading man in TV series are gradually numbered. He finds comfort in his right-hand man and stuntman named Cliff Booth, who is also his driver and handyman. Rick watches with sorrow as Hollywood enters a new era, in which it just so happens that Dalton's house is right next to that of the famous Polish director Roman Polanski and his beautiful wife Sharon Tate.

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie

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“They found him to be overly confident or arrogant. I have to say, in my experience, the stories are mostly from white men. I think Quentin may have been told a lot of those stories and believes them. I think a lot of people looked at my father as uppity, you know?”

Lee previously told The Wrap that the way Lee was treated in the movie echoed how he was treated by the white community in real life.

Tarantino defends Bruce Lee depiction

Tarantino has commented previously on the controversy, and in his opinion, the depiction of Lee was accurate.

"Bruce Lee was kind of an arrogant guy," he told reporters.

"The way he was talking, I didn't just make a lot of that up. I heard him say things like that, to that effect,"

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