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Atonement (2007)

Drama | 123 minutes
3,58 1.936 votes

Genre: Drama / Romance

Duration: 123 minuten

Country: United Kingdom / France / United States

Directed by: Joe Wright

Stars: Keira Knightley, James McAvoy and Romola Garai

IMDb score: 7,8 (301.980)

Releasedate: 7 September 2007

Atonement plot

"Torn apart by betrayal. Separated by war. Bound by love."

Summer 1935. From a wealthy family, 13-year-old Briony Tallis (Saoirse Ronan) is a budding playwright. She wants her niece Lola and twins Jackson and Pierrot to perform a play based on one of Briony's stories, but it doesn't seem like anything. That day, however, she sees Robbie, the son of the servant of the house, having Briony's sister Cecilia strip, and after reading an obscene letter from Robbie to Cecilia, she draws her own conclusions. When her niece Lola is raped the next day, fate takes a disastrous turn.

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Robbie Turner

Briony Tallis (Age 18)

Briony Tallis (Age 13)

Grace Turner

Briony Tallis (Age 77)

Lola Quincey

Emily Tallis

Danny Hardman

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avatar van DVD-T


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I have successfully dodged this movie for years. I expected a dusty costume drama, such a real girl movie. What I got was something completely different and definitely not what I expected.

The story is very captivating. Also great how it is told in a non linear. Gives a number of scenes that little bit more impact. It does indeed start out a bit like a costume drama and then evolve into something completely different. The first half hour/45 minutes is very strong. The war is portrayed in a very raw way. There is death and destruction everywhere. In between the war we get some beautifully told fragments in which we follow the aftermath of the events that Briony set in motion. And that ending. wow!

Acting is very good. Knightley shows a fine piece of acting. The same can be said of McAvoy. Ronan is already doing fantastic at this young age. Garai is strong at times, though she's not very consistent in her acting here. Nice to see Cumberbatch here as well. Supporting cast is pretty good.

Where the film mainly scores a lot of points is visual. The movie looks very beautiful. There are so many beautiful shots. From the fairytale estate at the beginning to a great long one take later in the film. Wright and McGarvey are creating something very beautiful here. Marianelli's music is also beautiful. Love how he combines the more conventional classical music with the unconventional music from a typewriter.

Another film that I avoided for years for the wrong reasons that turned out to be very good to watch. Atonement is everything I didn't expect.

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avatar van AnyaH


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Nostalgic and heartbreaking drama film. Cinematography beautiful in the beginning, starting as a costume drama on an English estate with a country house! Then the French countryside and beach at Dunkirk in wartime..... Sad and raw images of the wounded and dead on the beach of Dunkirk with an immense number of extras. Beautiful scenic image of Robbie in the poppy field. Exciting ominous and very dramatic music. Briony's false testimony had far-reaching consequences....... And why did she do that? Was it her writer's mindsetting? Did she long for love herself? Was it a form of jealousy? The film leaves us guessing about this..... The actors and actresses all play their roles really well, nothing to complain about. What a beautiful and dramatic confession in an interview at the end of the film. Nicely done with the flashbacks in the author's story. My throat was closed with emotion..... The war has torn and driven many lovers apart, but in the end these lovers found each other on paper. Together with the image of the beach house, a truly beautiful ending!

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