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The Zone of Interest (2023)

Drama | 105 minutes
3,62 462 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 105 minuten

Country: United States / United Kingdom / Poland

Directed by: Jonathan Glazer

Stars: Sandra Hüller, Christian Friedel and Freya Kreutzkam

IMDb score: 7,4 (90.826)

Releasedate: 15 December 2023

The Zone of Interest plot

A Nazi officer stationed in Auschwitz falls in love with the wife of the concentration camp commander. At the same time, the commander Rudolf Höss, his wife Hedwig and their children live next to the concentration camp. They strive to live their ideal life. A job transfer threatens to destroy that plan, but Hedwig has no plans to move. Meanwhile, a Polish family tries to help the Jews in the camp.

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avatar van mrklm


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The quiet life of the German couple Rudolf [Christina Friedel] and Hedwig [Sandra Hüller] is threatened when Rudolf is transferred to Oranienburg, north of Berlin. Hedwig feels at home where she is now and wants to raise her children there. A boring marital drama that has been elevated to a masterpiece because it is set in 1943 and because it concerns the family of camp commander Rudolf Höss and a house surrounded on three sides by the Auschwitz concentration camp. You would think that my wife would be tired of the view, the noise and the smell?! The banal conversations about clothing, food and holidays are intended to shock – or at least create an uncomfortable feeling – but above all it shows that the driving forces behind the Holocaust also had a fairly mundane private life. The scenes with Rudolf Höss in Berlin are especially boring. The best moments involve an unidentified girl from the village who collects food for forced laborers in the evening. Won four awards at the Cannes Film Festival, including the Grand Prize.

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avatar van clubsport


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strange plot description of which very little is correct. Only the fact of Hoss and his family is correct, the rest is trivial or missing.

The film focuses entirely on the Hoss family, in which we mainly see the daily events passing in review. Mrs. Hoss is very satisfied with what she has achieved, a beautiful life, a few children and a beautiful garden + a large greenhouse that she herself has built, when her mother comes along at one point she proudly shows her what she has achieved, at a certain point you wonder whether she knows what is happening behind that wall, but later in the film she places a comment to a domestic helper that shows that she is indeed aware.

The director has consciously chosen not to show any horror of the camp itself, the only clues

We hear that something is wrong through noises, the barking of dogs, the cries of children, shots in the background, and the screams of camp guards, but nothing is shown.

that is a choice you make but I didn't think it was a strong choice, the contrast between camp and the happy home is never shown, what remains is a rather boring succession of family scenes combined with a bit of drama when Mrs. Hoss is upset as it turns out that they might be transferred.

That this film is so acclaimed is a bit of a mystery to me, I don't find anything special about it and at times the film is even quite boring.

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avatar van Film Pegasus

Film Pegasus (moderator films)

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A film about the Nazis in their ideal world, right next to Auschwitz. The focus is entirely on the fairytale home of the Nazi family of Rudolf Höss. In the background you can hear what is happening in the camp and the buildings themselves are largely in view. And that makes it so confrontational. Because even though the Höss family does everything to make their home a perfect place, the Holocaust is so close. You hear and see it constantly. And with that knowledge, it is so sad that the Nazis continued to destroy people in camps, but tried to disguise it for themselves with a perfect world and to present everything as a mainly technical implementation, as a task. which according to orders had to be carried out according to plan. Here and there you see that the impact of the sounds from the camp seems to touch some people for a moment, although the empathy is generally hard to find or simply absent. Which once again confirms the image of the horrible Nazis.

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