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Anatomie d'une Chute (2023)

Crime | 151 minutes
3,68 362 votes

Genre: Crime / Drama

Duration: 151 minuten

Alternative title: Anatomy of a Fall

Country: France

Directed by: Justine Triet

Stars: Sandra Hüller, Samuel Theis and Swann Arlaud

IMDb score: 7,7 (128.351)

Releasedate: 23 August 2023

Anatomie d'une Chute plot

The German writer Sandra lives with her husband Samuel and visually impaired son Daniel in a remote log cabin. When Samuel dies mysteriously, both malicious intent and suicide are not ruled out. Sandra is eventually charged with murder. At the trial, in front of Daniel, their love lives come under scrutiny.

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

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The general public is clearly not waiting for the Golden Palm winner of 2023. Yesterday the hall was only a quarter full. An avant-premiere, admittedly, and the commercials may still have to wake up the ignorant, but still.

Unjustified actually, because Anatomy d'une chute is a great film. Perhaps a bit long-winded for some, because 150 minutes for a court film is quite something. This also means that the film offers the necessary depth: substantive and emotional depth of the investigation (reconstruction) and later also the process. Triet, only the 3rd female Golden Palm winner in history, succeeds in putting her own accents in the film. The content may not be very innovative, but I found the approach a lot fresher.

The most interesting thing is that even after the movie is over you don't really know what exactly happened. I've always found Sandra's statement very strange. The whole life and relationship with Samuel is unraveled, including the spirited fights that were apparently recorded by the victim. You then get a certain subjective image of the suspect and that is what distinguishes Triet's film from other similar films. That hint of doubt and bias is carried throughout the film.

The role of little Daniel is also not unimportant. He actually takes center stage and undergoes the process about his mother and father. Partly due to the excellent acting of Sandra Hüller who has already earned her stripes in the film Tony Erdmann, among others.

Hovers between 3.5* and 4.0* for me

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avatar van Serpicos


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Very nice that moment when the otherwise witty retorts of the opponent lose their power. A beautiful monologue in lipsync form removes hours of doubt from the fictional jury and the viewer. It gives way to treacherous enthusiasm and even more depth to the story.

Also effective is the way in which the spoken language (French, English, the absence of German) is dealt with. Subtle, intelligent and powerful. Just like the rest of the movie.

The most recent winner of the Golden Palm made me enjoy it, and the handful of other spectators in the room were - I think - also captivated. So if you fancy a gripping courtroom drama with that little bit extra, go go!

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avatar van rainmist


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Many Germans (non-students) were present at the cinema in Maastricht. We know for whom. Great acting

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avatar van hvdriel


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Murder or suicide?

The prosecutor collects building blocks to construct a coherent story in the closing argument that convincingly refers to murder. The lawyer does the same, only with a different outcome: suicide. It is up to the jury or judge to decide which reconstruction is legally the real one.

So you have three realities: that of the event in the past, and the two opposing reconstructions in the courtroom.

Director Justine Triet took the most complex starting point: no witnesses and few traces. That run-up took some time, but afterwards I was on the edge of my seat. The film must now focus on the woman and the man, their son and the dog. The marriage is dissected with razor-sharp clarity in the courtroom and the two main characters are filleted. As in the film Blow Up (1966), reality is magnified in detail and therefore increasingly invisible.

Magnificently done and acted. With an important objection, namely that the legal opinion should have been omitted, just as the closing arguments are appropriately and rightly missing. This is the only way to underline the impossibility of being able to give the answer to the opening question.

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