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Im Westen Nichts Neues (2022)

War | 147 minutes
3,73 1.009 votes

Genre: War / Drama

Duration: 147 minuten

Alternative title: All Quiet on the Western Front

Country: Germany / United States / United Kingdom

Directed by: Edward Berger

Stars: Daniel Brühl, Albrecht Schuch and Sebastian Hülk

IMDb score: 7,8 (247.747)

Releasedate: 7 October 2022


Im Westen Nichts Neues plot

Teenager Paul Baumer joins the German army with his friends Albert and Muller voluntarily. Their patriotic fervor melts like snow in the sun when confronted with the brutal reality at the front. Paul must adjust his preconceived notions about the enemy and the entire conflict. However, he has no choice but to fight to the bitter end.

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Paul Bäumer

Stanislaus "Kat" Katczinsky

Albert Kropp

Frantz Müller

Tjaden Stackfleet

Matthias Erzberger

General Ferdinand Foch

General Friedrichs

Lieutenant Hoppe

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avatar van scorsese


  • 11871 messages
  • 10246 votes

Excellent film about a German young man who enlists in the army during the First World War. Not the first adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque's book. And probably all seen before, but excellently executed and it all looks good. The film manages to paint a strong and sometimes penetrating picture of what it was like at the front with all the atrocities that went with it.

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

  • 8559 messages
  • 4800 votes

I was kind of looking forward to this movie. The third film adaptation of the world famous book by Erich Maria Remarque. Not that this film always follows the line of the book, on the contrary even at times, I personally thought it was a shame.

There is no question that the film was very carefully made. Technically and cinematographically little to fault. It is striking that the hard scenes of war are deliberately and explicitly portrayed (such as the tank that drove over a soldier or the fight in which the helmet was used as a melee weapon). I would have liked to see more space in the character development instead. The army training of Paul and his mates is hardly discussed. Those jumps, 18 months later, were not always well edited, although the scenes in Compiègne or the scenes during the last days and hours before the Armistice were very beautiful, both visually and mentally.

The scene in the bomb crater was haunting and it makes Paul realize for the first time that the enemy was just an ordinary man with wife and child. The other was not a barbarian, but looked suspiciously like him or his mates, victims of the war and his generals. Apart from the fighting and what I just wrote down, only fragments of the fringe of trench warfare. Little attention to the vermin, the cold, the hunger, the fear, the rear guard. Even the camaraderie, except with Katz, doesn't show enough. Just like the book, little sense of time or place or historical interpretation, deliberately by Remarque, by the way, precisely to indicate universality or to emphasize the horrors of the war in all its facets, only the latter did not always come out.

Recommended? Definitely! But it can't compete with the 1930 classic or the 1929 book.

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avatar van janwauters


  • 87 messages
  • 971 votes

Exceptionally well made movie. Depicts the madness and absurdity of war well. He will go through the marrow and bone so be prepared...

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avatar van james_cameron


  • 6074 messages
  • 9173 votes

Effective anti-war film about a group of friends who voluntarily join the German army in the aftermath of WWI. Because of the superficial characterization it is sometimes difficult to empathize with the main characters, but this is sufficiently compensated by the visual aspect of the film. The hopeless trench warfare is depicted in detail, with gory, grandiose action scenes that leave little to the imagination. However, the spectacle is entirely in the service of the message. War... what is it good for?

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avatar van martijnk


  • 744 messages
  • 293 votes

Visually, this film is a true spectacle, for me it even partly makes up for the 1917 debacle, which I really thought was a dragon of a film. But having said that: The first world war just remains less interesting than the second, how many films they make about it there is just not much to tell and these kinds of films are often completely dependent on the action.

Everything that happened outside the trenches didn't really interest me that much. All I thought was let the action come back. When the war is over 3 minutes before the end of the film and the armistice has been signed you will also be concerned, because after that very little happens and they had that part for me can leave part out.

I think this movie would have been better if they had been in the trenches for the whole movie to create a bit of that claustrophobic feeling, but if you fight for your life first in the most appalling conditions and in the next scene you go farm girls decorating in the countryside does not come across as much.

What I also thought is that the Germans in this film completely play the victim role. They want to end the war, the French don't seem to want that. With them, most victims fall in the most gruesome ways, they then show empathy when they kill someone themselves. To be honest, that really bothered me. Surely they have forgotten that they started this war?

All in all, I'd like to give just a tight 7, but I'm still partly hungry. There could have been a lot more in it.

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avatar van Film Pegasus

Film Pegasus (moderator films)

  • 30544 messages
  • 5230 votes

The 3rd film adaptation of the well-known book, so expectations were high. Maybe too high for me. The original 1930 film was especially impressive. A film adaptation barely 12 years after the end of the war. In which we clearly see the impact of a class of younger guys who go into war full of patriotic pride, completely unaware of what is coming their way. Only to see the horror of war hack into it and hope quickly vanishes.

The (TV) film adaptation from 1979 could count on big names such as Donald Pleasence, Ernest Borgnine and Ian Holm. The 2022 version is the first German film adaptation based on the original German book. And here it is mainly visually unpacked and the impact of the war itself hits hard. But I do miss the real impact of the story as the writer intended. So slightly less, but still quite good due to other assets.

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avatar van GAST2022


  • 33 messages
  • 7 votes

I'm always less interested in the First than in the Second World War, but in terms of spectacle this film scores well. There were a few scenes that were so gross that I couldn't even watch them. In any case, the makers have managed to extract every ray of heroism from the war.

Furthermore, I think it is always right that a human image of Germans is portrayed, they were also just boys who were sent into the war by bad leaders and experienced the most horrific things. Despite some soldiers also committing war crimes in World War I, this was significantly less than World War II.

Furthermore, the film deviates a bit too much from the book, 80 percent is about the last few days of the war. That would have been a little less. And beyond that, death just remains the most horrible thing there is, horrible.

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avatar van GZN


  • 23 messages
  • 199 votes

War is madness. This is once again evident in this film.

German solidity. A lot of time is taken for the not very complicated story. Still, it's captivating from start to finish.

Only elements of the book have been used and much differs from it. It's kind of weird to make your assessment based on that.


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