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Spencer (2021)

Drama | 117 minutes
3,23 278 votes

Genre: Drama / History

Duration: 117 minuten

Country: United Kingdom / Germany / United States / Chili

Directed by: Pablo Larraín

Stars: Kristen Stewart, Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris

IMDb score: 6,6 (77.342)

Releasedate: 4 November 2021

Spencer plot

"Every fairy tale ends."

Dec 1991; The marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales has grown quite chilly over the years. Despite rumors of alleged affairs and a possible divorce, Christmas festivities are taking place around the Sandringham House. A time when there is hunting and shooting, eating and drinking. Diana knows the ritual. However, things will be very different this year.

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avatar van eRCee


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Movie magic again

Jackie is in my top 10 and to make a direct comparison: Spencer is less balanced, the scenario is not flawless, in terms of acting Nathalie Portman wins and the camerawork was in Jackie of an even higher level. And yet Pablo Larraín's Diana project is also fantastic. The gains are in the production design and, above all, the music.

What a great movie score. This is the most effective and therefore best film score I've heard in ages. Every moment with music makes a difference. Every moment without is carefully chosen. There are (roughly) two string pieces; one seems to refer in its melody to the Erbarme Dich (Bach) and the other to Dido's lament (Purcell). There is also a beautiful piano motif that combines classical and minimal influences. There are some great moments where jazz reigns supreme. And occasionally organ, yes, and how! I won't reveal the bouncer in the car ride at the end.

As with Larraín's previous biographical films, all cinematic means are used simultaneously to create impact. The best moments of Spencer provide goosebumps and watery eyes. I really think this is film art of the highest level. You don't get to see Diana's life story (note: she doesn't follow the protocol once in the movie) but you are connected with her for two hours. Anyone who only considers the question of whether this will result in an Oscar for Kristen Stewart and what is not right with the facts, they simply do not understand it.

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original

Filmed very distantly with a very unpleasant, childish and fickle version of Diana. You wonder why this movie was made. Nothing will stay with me. The biggest impression is made by the Porsche. In my opinion a failed product.

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avatar van Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone

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What a mockery.

Diligently looking for potential top performers, for my viewing experience in general and my top 10 for 2021 in particular, I went to see Spencer anyway. Perhaps the umpteenth biopic about the world's most famous princess, but that didn't bother me. Except for some images from the past, I have never seen anything of or about Diana. The puppet show of a royal family can be stolen from me.

In terms of content, this biopic is hardly worth the effort. Diana is a whiner, an unstable case that is stiff from stress and therefore(?) annoying. Kristen Stewart imitates her accent and posture (those shoulders, for example) flawlessly, but it remains an imitation. The script makes the whole movie look like a caricature. No idea if that was the intent. The torment Diana endures does not impress for a moment. Typical clichés like a close-to-the-skin camera deprive any bit of authenticity in what, at best, could have been a penetrating portrait of a tormented woman.

Furthermore, a slightly too heavy soundtrack, something that becomes very annoying especially during the final. Not that a more modest musical support would have done much, but every little bit would have helped.


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