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Fear Itself - Season 1 (2008-2009)

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Show title: Fear Itself

IMDb score: 6,9 (4.726)

Episodes: 13

Playing time: 9 hour and 19 minutes

Developed by: Mick Garris

Stars: Eric Roberts, Anna Kendrick and Brandon Routh

Origin: Canada / United States

Releasedate: Thursday 5 June 2008

First aired on: NBC (Verenigde Staten)


This season is not available on US streaming services.


Fear Itself plot

In thirteen unrelated horror stories we see, among other things, how four men end up in an old fortress, which turns out to be the home of an old vampire. How a young couple moves into a gated community and discovers a horrific secret. How a man is possessed by a Wendigo, and how a vet turns into a werewolf.

Episodes Season 1 (2008-2009)

  1. 1. The Sacrifice

    5 June 2008 (43 minutes)

  2. 2. Spooked

    12 June 2008 (43 minutes)

  3. 3. Family Man

    19 June 2008 (43 minutes)

  4. 4. In Sickness and in Health

    26 June 2008 (43 minutes)

  5. 5. Eater

    3 July 2008 (43 minutes)

  6. 6. New Year's Day

    17 July 2008 (43 minutes)

  7. 7. Community

    24 July 2008 (43 minutes)

  8. 8. Skin & Bones

    31 July 2008 (43 minutes)

  9. 9. Something with Bite

    3 January 2009 (43 minutes)

  10. 10. Chance

    10 January 2009 (43 minutes)

  11. 11. The Spirit Box

    17 January 2009 (43 minutes)

  12. 12. Echoes

    24 January 2009 (43 minutes)

  13. 13. The Circle

    31 January 2009 (43 minutes)

Reviews & comments

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Series that I took on a gamble purely out of curiosity and because the name Mick Garris is associated with it and has often delivered reasonable King film adaptations. So just try...

A nice surprise is the opening tune made by the gentlemen of System of a Down, after which things quickly get serious, but the series also quickly shows its darker side. The series has a number of decent episodes such as Spooked, Family Man, Eater and Skin and Bones, where the latter in particular is strong with a number of good atmospheric moments and a fair amount of creepiness. In those episodes we can also speak of a good cast with, for example, Clifton Collins Junior, Eric Roberts, Pablo Schreiber, Elizabeth Moss and Eric Balfour. But the feminine beauty is certainly there and there are actually too many to mention in this series that has quite nice episodes, some of which are cleverly constructed in the short time span of 40 minutes.

But of course there are also some negative points. Some things are still strong, such as the chest-piercing branch from episode 1, stainless steel for sure, bad acting, apart from the nauwo it never really gets exciting or scary and In sickness and in health, Echoes and Chance are actually just not interesting and Something with bite and Community are funny but nothing more than that. Fortunately, there is a lot of feminine beauty in it and that makes it worth watching several episodes. Yet the series as a whole never reaches higher than average and falls through the lower limit in several series. Therefore a 3 for the effort, the women and the catchy tune by Serj Tankian.

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