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Weissensee (2010-2018)

4 seasons
4,03 80 votes

Alternative titles: The Weissensee Saga / Die Weissensee Saga

State: Returning Series

Genre: Drama

Origin: Germany

Developed by: Annette Hess

Stars: Ruth Reinecke, Alma Leiberg and Anna Loos

IMDb score: 8,2 (2.342)

Releasedate: Tuesday 14 September 2010


Weissensee plot

East Berlin during the Cold War. Hans Kupfer works as a senior boss within the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (the Stasi). His wife Marlene tries to do everything she can to keep the family together. The eldest son Falk is a ruthless sergeant in the Stasi and his wife Vera drowns her grief in drink. The youngest son, Martin, works as a police officer and falls in love with – of all people – Julia Hausmann. She is the daughter of Dunja Hausmann, a very GDR critical singer-songwriter, who is controlled by the Stasi. Both families are not really happy about this love. Still, Martin and Julia are determined and continue their plans for the future, with the necessary problems that come with it.

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Full Cast & Crew

Actors and actresses

Martin Kupfer

Hans Kupfer

Marlene Kupfer

Dunja Hausmann

Vera Kupfer

Generalleutnant Gaucke

Peter Görlitz

Julia Hausmann

Major Geifel