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Arnold (2023)

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Show title: Arnold

IMDb score: 8,0 (17.901)

Episodes: 3

Playing time: 3 hour and 10 minutes

Developed by: Allen Hughes

Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Origin: United States

Releasedate: Wednesday 7 June 2023

First aired on: Netflix (Nederland)

Arnold plot

Docuseries about the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger and both the joys and fleetingness of his family life. In his final role as the speaker of his own story, the former governor of California gives the audience context and insight into three important chapters in his life: Arnold as an athlete, Arnold as an actor and Arnold as an American.

Episodes Season 1 (2023)

  1. 1. Athlete

    7 June 2023 (1 hour and 03 minutes)

  2. 2. Actor

    7 June 2023 (1 hour and 02 minutes)

  3. 3. American

    7 June 2023 (1 hour and 05 minutes)

Reviews & comments

avatar van Civillian Supreme

Civillian Supreme

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Much more fascinating than I had thought, which is why it was a pity that it seemed more like a short summary of important phases in his life. Would have liked to see a few things in more detail.

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avatar van james_cameron


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Strong and often very funny documentary series about the life and career of the Austrian Oak. The series is divided into three parts, Athlete, Actor and American, with very candid interviews with Schwarzenegger himself and a wide range of friends and colleagues, including (obviously) James Cameron. Schwarzenegger, in addition to being a very complex person, turns out to be a very entertaining narrator and he talks everything together with visible pleasure. Towards the end, the documentary takes a surprising emotional turn, showing a side of the best man that we haven't seen much so far.

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avatar van rep_robert


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Very strong documentary with an honest and sincere picture about Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. It tells a complete story and despite the fact that I read above that more critical questions could have been asked, I do not agree. It is not the type of documentary to bring up the lowest stones in everything. This is a person who talks about his life and then you don't have to apply both sides everywhere, it seems to me. It is important that it is addressed and that he is honest about it. Personally, I don't really need to know more about certain things. Then this should not have been made in collaboration with Arnold and Nefflix should have gone more in the true crime doc direction. And we already have enough of that.

No, I thought this was the right idea. It was wonderful to hear him talk about his childhood and the bodybuilding world. I do feel that I have received more essential information than about the themes of the last two episodes (actor / governor) . As far as I'm concerned, there would have been 2 more episodes to give more depth about his film career and his political. Of course it also says enough that I would like those extra episodes, because this was all very fascinating. Mainly because he has an interesting vision on life and comes across as inspiring. Behind his image lies a very intelligent personality, which of course has ensured that he has been able to tell his successful story in that chair.

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