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The Houndcats (1972)

1 season
2,25 2 votes

Alternative title: De Speurkatten

State: Ended

Genre: Animation

Origin: United States

Developed by: David H. DePatie, Friz Freleng, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears

Stars: Michael Bell, Joe Besser and Daws Butler

IMDb score: 7,1 (89)

Releasedate: Saturday 9 September 1972


This TV Show is not available on US streaming services.


The Houndcats plot

Two cats and three dogs form a team of detectives. They do spy missions in America around the year 1914. The team is led by the cat Stutz, who is always cool and confident. His team also consists of the dogs Dingdong, Muscle Mutt and Rhubarb and the little cat PuttyPuss. The group travels in a Stutz Bearcat named Sparkplug, a rattling wreckage of a car that often has a mind of its own. Together they take on every impossible mission.


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