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Chainsaw Man (2022)

1 season
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Alternative titles: Chensō Man / チェンソーマン

State: In Production

Genre: Animation / Action

Origin: Japan

Developed by: Keisuke Seshimo

Stars: Kikunosuke Toya, Tomori Kusunoki and Shogo Sakata

IMDb score: 8,8 (12.356)

Original language: Japans

Releasedate: 12 oktober 2022

Chainsaw Man plot

Denji is a young man with a simple dream: to live a happy and peaceful life with a girl he likes. However, the reality is different. For the yakuza, Denji must kill demonic creatures to pay off his father's towering debt. In this task Denji uses the devil Pochita as a weapon. When Denji is betrayed and killed by the yakuza, Pochita fuses with Denji's body. Subsequently, Denji can transform into Chainsaw Man. With his newfound powers, Denji decides to brutally take out his enemies. Other fighters also offer Denji a job to help them wipe out all the demonic creatures.

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Full Cast & Crew

Actors and actresses

Denji (voice)

Makima (voice)

Aki Hayakawa (voice)

Power (voice)

Pochita (voice)

Himeno (voice)

Kobeni Higashiyama (voice)

Hirokazu Arai (voice)

Kishibe (voice)

Angel Devil (voice)

Shark Fiend (voice)

Violence Fiend (voice)

Spider Devil (voice)

Akane Sawatari (voice)

Samurai Sword (voice)