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Will we get a third season of Loki?
Photo: © ANP

Will we get a third season of Loki?

Will we get a third season of Loki?
Photo: © ANP

Loki executive producer Kevin Wright has teased the possibility of a third season on Disney+.

Tom Hiddleston has played Loki for well over a decade now, starting with Thor in 2011. Thereafter, he made numerous appearances within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was a key figure in the Infinity War saga.

At the conclusion of the first season of Loki, he is sent back to the Time Variance Authority after He Who Remains is killed by Sylvie, which subsequently unleashes a new multiverse and the emergence of Kang the Conqueror, who is set to be the next 'Big Bad' of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Season two is currently airing on Disney+, and Wright reckons that we could see a third season even if the current narrative ends with season two.

"It was similar to Season 1 in we wanted to tell this story and tell it well, but even in Season 1, we obviously were thinking about where we were going," the Loki producer told Collider.

"I would say Season 1 and Season 2 were developed and created as, like, kind of two chapters of the same book. We felt pretty strongly, all of us involved, that Season 2 was about closing that book but that there are many other books on the shelf for this character and for this world. But this felt like it wanted to be the conclusion of these great things that we set up in Season 1. We don't want to constantly leave people with drastic cliffhangers for our finales."

Loki season two reviews

"It’s not his performance, which remains a weirdly compelling live-wire act, full of odd, halting line deliveries and twitchy physicality. Instead, it’s the ugly real-world circumstances surrounding him After the season was filmed, Majors was arrested and charged with domestic violence against his romantic partner, which led to Rolling Stone uncovering a pattern of alleged abusive behaviour going back a decade. Majors was set to play the big bad for the next few phases of the MCU. Instead, it’s impossible to imagine him ever appearing in a Marvel project after this one." - Alan Sepinwall of Rolling Stone.

"Season 2 definitely doesn’t suffer from the pitfalls that would make people continue to question if superhero fatigue is real or not, but through characterizations, pacing, and too much self-awareness, it definitely feels like a very different show. Hectic, throwing new concepts, characters, and threats into the story with little explanation and little reason for fans to be invested. When the premiere does try to stop and ruminate on what Loki just experienced in the Season 1 finale, the end result becomes rushed and confusing." - Nicole Drum of ComicBook.com.

"Season 1 was well-loved, and with a fan-favorite character like Hiddleston’s God of Mischief at the helm, Season 2 proves that the series not only hasn’t lost its touch but remains one of the stronger pillars of the MCU as a whole." - Therese Lacson of Collider.

3.55 (171)

Loki (2021-2023)

Loki "God of Mischief" manages to obtain the tesseract, which leads to his freedom. It can now move itself through different time periods and thus influence the history of mankind and some very important historical events. Loki also partners with the Time Variance Authority to protect the multiverse.

Developed by: Michael Waldron, Stephen Broussard, Kate Herron, Kate Herron and Kevin Feige
Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw


"Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is back for more multiversal shenanigans, but the absence of director Kate Herron seems to have sapped the wily fun from his Disney+ spinoff." - Jarrod Jones of IGN.

"More than anything, Loki has started to resemble what it truly is: an ill-advised spinoff in the old tradition. A too-bright spotlight for a side character who was never best suited to lead. A dinner comprising only hors d’oeuvres." - Louis Chilton of The Independent.

"Its convolutions overwhelming its charming personalities and freewheeling spirit of paradox-laden adventure, it’s another indication that the once-mighty franchise has lost its direction." - Nick Schager of The Daily Beast.

"Instead of digging into what makes Loki fun, the show's second season doubles down on Season 1's worst tendencies... It's a drag when it should be thrilling, an exposition-filled trudge when it should be an exciting romp." - Belen Edwards of Mashable.

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