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Daniel Radcliffe given plenty of freedom for Weird Al role
Photo: © ANP

Daniel Radcliffe given plenty of freedom for Weird Al role

Daniel Radcliffe given plenty of freedom for Weird Al role
Photo: © ANP

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he was given plenty of freedom to improvise on the set of the Weird Al Yankovic biopic.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story was released in November and has received extremely positive reviews from critics, particularly for the performance of Radcliffe.

It is not a straight biopic, but more a spoof version of Yankovic's rise to fame which is in keeping with how he found fame with his spoof versions of famous songs.

He has released singles such as Nine Coronas, Amish Paradise, White and Nerdy, Eat It and Like a Surgeon.

Radcliffe has praised Yankovic for his demeanour on the set which allowed for improvisation.

"I think definitely a lot of license and freedom was given by the fact that it's not just a straight Al biopic and impersonation," he told Collider.

"That, I think, gave me a lot of freedom to be like, okay, this is a version of this person. And I'm also really lucky that Al's nice! And that he wasn't sitting on set like a hawk being like, 'Ah, you did that wrong.'

"He's very, very generous."

Radcliffe learned the accordion

A talented musician, Yankovic is an expert player of the accordion and Radcliffe had to learn the instrument for his role.

That, he says, was the most challenging part of the shoot.

"Most of the notes that I got from him were musical, and particularly about the accordion. He was like, 'Can you be a bit more expansive in how you're pumping it? Because you're a bit cautious with that,'

"He's very expressive with it. So, I think he was a bit concerned that I was gonna make him look like a shy accordionist. So yeah, there was that, but generally speaking, it was intimidating but also, as Evan said earlier, when you would see him laugh at something, you'd be like, 'Okay, great! I can go home.'

"It's a very good seal of approval."

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