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Seth MacFarlane provides update on Ted prequel series
Photo: © ANP

Seth MacFarlane provides update on Ted prequel series

Seth MacFarlane provides update on Ted prequel series
Photo: © ANP

Seth MacFarlane has provided an update on the upcoming Ted prequel series, and it looks like fans of the movie are going to be happy with how the TV show is coming together.

Ted, released in 2012, became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time (at the time of release), earning $550 million at the worldwide box office.

It spawned a sequel, Ted 2, released in 2015.

Since then, MacFarlane has been busy on other projects, such as continuing with Family Guy as well as writing for and starring in The Orville.

Ted fans are set to see more of the foul-mouthed teddy bear when the upcoming prequel series is released, which will focus on Ted's adolescence in the 1990s.

"It's going great. Look, it's unprecedented to do a television series where your main character is fully generated CGI," MacFarlane told Collider.

"I think for movies, we're so used to it, but you don't think about the fact that this hasn't really been done to this extent for television. So that's new. It's going great. It's a prequel that takes place in 1993 and embraces that era, embraces the nineties and tracks what is essentially Ted's adolescence, I guess. Ted and John's adolescence. And, growing up in a Boston suburb. Look, as somebody who grew up in that part of the country, it's a fun thing to try and recreate. The sets themselves are oddly nostalgic. But it's going great.

"Tonally we're sticking pretty close to the first movie. I think people who've enjoyed the first movie and enjoyed that tone are going to be pretty happy with what we're doing here. We're going with what worked. But we're at the same time, exploring some new ground and kind of building up a past for John and Ted that we hadn't really delved into in the film. But I think fans of ‘Ted’ are going to be very happy with this show."

More R-Rated fun in Ted?

Ted became famed for the swearing and adult content surrounding what is essentially a children's toy. It was the shock of seeing a teddy bear turn the air blue which proved a hit with many fans, and the prequel series, to be released on Peacock, will be no different.

“Oh yeah. It's like a movie. There's no broadcast standards there. It's an R rated comedy," MacFarlane explained.

"So our guidelines are the same as they were for the movie. It's no different. You can say ‘f*ck’, you can say whatever you want. The challenges for something like ‘Ted’ are more external. You're dealing with a climate that is maybe a little less friendly to comedy than it has been in the past. That's certainly something that we're mindful of because we do want to keep Ted Ted. We do want to make sure that it's not altered.

"So, but as far as Peacock itself, no, Peacock's been great. They acknowledge that this was an R rated comedy and the show is going to be an R rated comedy too. So it's that none of that's changed.”

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