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More details on the TOMB RAIDER television series
Photo: © ANP

More details on the TOMB RAIDER television series

More details on the TOMB RAIDER television series
Photo: © ANP

The Tomb Raider series of video games is one of the most popular titles of all time, and fans will be treated to yet another adaptation, this time with Lara Croft featuring in a television series for Amazon.

In 2001. the game was adapted into a movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which starred Angelina Jolie. It spawned a sequel, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

In 2018, the franchise received a reboot which came after a gritty reboot of the video game series itself. Alicia Vikander stepped into the role of Lara Croft for that one.

A sequel has been speculated upon since, but in January of 2023, it was announced that Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be developing and writing a Tomb Raider television series that will air on Amazon Prime.

“There’s room to do something really quite dangerous," Waller-Bridge previously told Vanity Fair.

"And if I can do something dangerous and exciting with Tomb Raider, I already have an audience of people who love Lara and hopefully will continue to. And that is a very unusual position to be in. It’s the old Trojan horse."

After hitting it big with the critically acclaimed series, Fleabag, Waller-Bridge provided a script polish on No Time to Die before joining the Indiana Jones franchise with Dial of Destiny, and she believes these experiences will help her with Tomb Raider.

"God, it literally felt like that teenager in me saying: Do right by her, do right by Lara!” she continued. "The opportunity to have, as we were talking earlier, a female action character... Having worked on Bond and having worked as an actor on Indy, I feel like I’ve been building up to this."

Aubrey Plaza wants to play Lara Croft

There has been no news reported as to who will play Lara in the new series, but one actress who wants a shot is Aubrey Plaza.

In July of 2022, Plaza featured on the cover of MovieMaker magazine to promote Emily the Criminal, and in it, she struck a resemblance to Lara which actually led to filmmaker Edgar Wright texting her to ask her if she was playing the character.

“It was so funny when he texted me that because I didn’t realize how strikingly similar those photos are," she told Newsweek.

"Emily is carrying a purse strap and Lara Croft has a gun holster, those are very different. But it’s very weird and totally accidental, but I’ll take it.

“I love action movies, and I don’t discriminate against big movies or small movies. I love all kinds of movies. I would love it if somehow that turned into a real thing, but who knows, I have no idea. That’s an iconic character. She’s the original badass."

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