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Matthew Lillard has NOT been asked to return for Scream 7 - not yet
Photo: © ANP

Matthew Lillard has NOT been asked to return for Scream 7 - not yet

Matthew Lillard has NOT been asked to return for Scream 7 - not yet
Photo: © ANP

Matthew Lillard hasn't been asked to return as Stu Macher for Scream VII.

In the first Scream movie, released in 1996, Stu is revealed to be one of the two killers terrorising Sidney Prescott as the knife-wielding Ghostface.

In a final battle at his home, Stu is killed by Sidney after she drops a TV on his head, electrocuting him and crushing his skill. Still, there was no definitive proof that Stu actually died, which has led to plenty of speculation about a potential return, perhaps in Scream VII.

At the moment, the future of the franchise is in turmoil after lead stars Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega left Scream VII. Barrera was fired due to comments surrounding the Palestine-Israel conflict. This came after Neve Campbell sat out Scream VI due to a pay dispute.

Fans are desperate for Sidney and Stu to return, but nothing has been pitched on that front, yet.

"Nobody has called me (Laughs). I'll tell you that much," Lillard told FearHQ. "No one seems that interested in the return of Stu except for the fans. The fans are freaking out and love the idea, and I would argue that if you throw a TV on my head, I'll survive. So, there you go!"

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Is Stu Macher alive?

Lillard previously revealed that Stu is indeed alive, as he was supposed to be the main antagonist in Scream 3 before the Columbine school shooting led to a script change.

"I’m the grandfather of Stu-truthers," he told Vulture.

"I was supposed do Scream 3. I got paid for 3. Not really well, but I ended up getting paid for something I didn’t do because the idea was that I’d be running high-school killers from jail."

On the Bob Benedick podcast, the actor also said: "From jail, I was kind of masterminding this attack against Sidney and so three weeks before we were supposed to start shooting, Columbine High School broke out, and they changed everything. They kind of took the script and threw it to the side. They bought me out and I never did the third one."

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