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Could 'dull and boring' Exorcist: Believer be set for another reboot?
Photo: © ANP

Could 'dull and boring' Exorcist: Believer be set for another reboot?

Could 'dull and boring' Exorcist: Believer be set for another reboot?
Photo: © ANP

The Exorcist: Believer has been utterly savaged by critics and as it looks like it is impacting on its box office performance, the future of the planned trilogy could well be in doubt.

The film has been branded 'savagely disappointing' by critics, with renowned Exorcist devotee, UK film critic Mark Kermode, branding the film 'dull, boring, and made by people who have seen the original, but haven't seen the original.'

Believer is the opening part in a planned $400m trilogy of films and the second, The Exorcist: Deceiver, is due to be released in 2025. The film has opened to a global box office of $41m, and despite entering the US box office at No. 1, has fallen below expectations so far with critics and fans. 

David Gordon Green, who oversaw the entire Halloween trilogy reboot which recently concluded with the disappointing Halloween Ends, is also helming this reboot, directing Believer, and was thought to be doing the same the following two releases. 

But when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Gordon Green has cast doubt over what his role for the future films will be, saying: "My intention is just to start making things, and as those plans come together, if I find myself in that director’s chair, I’d be thrilled. But right now, I’m navigating it from a story perspective and looking at my realities of life as I pivot.

“And one of the things that’s been really great between these horror franchises is doing that comedy series on HBO, The Righteous Gemstones. So it’s fun to be able to step away, take a deep breath, have a big laugh, and then get back to work in the genre.”

The Exorcist: Believer will need to maintain its box office start in order to ensure Gordon Green's vision for the franchise is maintained - otherwise there may be another reboot to the 50-year-old property on the horizon.

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