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A Barbenheimer mashup movie is coming
Photo: © ANP

A Barbenheimer mashup movie is coming

A Barbenheimer mashup movie is coming
Photo: © ANP

One of the biggest cultural movie phenomenons of recent memory was the 2023 releases of Barbie and Oppenheimer at the same time.

Barbie, of course, told the story of a Barbie who finds herself in the real world and must make it back to Barbieland before it is taken over by the Kens, learning a lot of important life lessons along the way.

Oppenheimer, meanwhile, told the story of the birth of the atomic bomb via the Manhattan Project.

The movies couldn't be more different, and that is actually why many cinema-goers actually did the double feature and watched them back-to-back. The phenomenon was affectionately named Barbenheimer.

And, we're getting a Barbenheimer movie, but it probably won't be starring Margot Robbie and Cillian Murphy.

It is set to be a low-budget spoof of the two movies developed by B-movie icon Charles Band.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter if he is simply looking to take advantage of Barbie and Oppenheimer's popularity, he replied:

“It’s 100 percent true. But it’s also an opportunity to have fun with the bizarre coupling of these two movies and the combination of Barbie’s vibe and the darkness of Oppenheimer. You mix that together and you have such an opportunity for dark humor.

“It’s so silly. But it seems like every other feature is dark and depressing, and it’s like, God, we need a little humour going into 2024.”

Barbenheimer plot

The Barbenheimer plot surrounds a doll scientist named Dr. Bambi J Barbenheimer, who is living and working in Dolltopia with her boyfriend Twink Dollman.

After seeing the treatment that dolls get from children, Barbenheimer sets out to punish the human race by building an atomic bomb to destroy the world.

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