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Arrival (2016)

Scifi | 116 minutes
3,55 2.281 votes

Genre: Scifi / Drama

Duration: 116 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve

Stars: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker

IMDb score: 7,9 (775.045)

Releasedate: 10 November 2016

Arrival plot

"Why are they here?"

After aliens land on Earth, a linguist is recruited by the US government to decipher the creatures' intentions. As she begins to understand the language of the beings, images from her own life keep coming to her mind. These prove to be the key to solving a greater mystery surrounding the alien visit.

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“Am I the only one having trouble saying “aliens”?”

Insanely beautiful movie. Sometimes you have those movies that you feel were made especially for you, and Arrival definitely belongs on this list. The combination of science fiction and a personal story works great and Villeneuve's direction is modest but very effective.

In a year of crass action movies, new superhero movies and horrific remakes, Arrival is a beacon of originality and intelligence. The viewer is expected to use your brain and the twist that the story is about non-linear time is a magical moment. That storyline also comes together strongly with the personal drama surrounding the character Louise Banks. Beautifully and modestly played by the phenomenal Amy Adams. Arrival has a calm structure where an ominous atmosphere is immediately created. The story is effectively built up by Villeneuve, after which the tension around the intentions of the Aliens can begin. The role that language plays in the film is interesting and original. The ending is a bit exaggerated but admittedly, I was also breathlessly watching the last fifteen minutes and the ending gives food for thought. Arrival is a film for the head and the heart. And those are often the best movies.

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Every year you have a film that is heavily overrated while it is actually one big setback. Here we have found the winner of 2016.

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I thought it was a special film with a fascinating story and theme.
Here are some more thoughts:

The film focuses on communication and according to the Sapir–Whorf (SW) hypothesis, the language we use is also strongly linked to how we experience the world.
The language the aliens use ("non-linear", has no set order or beginning or end) is very different from what we know (just like the zero-gravity access), and the world becomes "non-linear" experience (SW hypothesis) and this allows the aliens to see into the future. One of the themes in the film is also whether you would live differently if you knew what the future looks like.

The aliens may have seen in the future that they will be killed by humans (perhaps for fear of the unknown) (one of the two was already "dying") and have now anticipated this by reaching out and understanding them. by transferring their language.

The linguist (language specialist) is the one who best understands this communication with the help of the scientist. With this they "save the world" (classic SF theme) and they also become bonded together (sealed in their daughter), but not everything is perfect in the end as she loses daughter and husband, possibly because she has not communicated to him that their daughter has no future. (zero sum game: what you win must be lost somewhere else)

The name of the daughter Hannah is by the way a palindrome and also symbolizes the structure of film: Flashback=flashforward

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