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Sheitan (2006)

Horror | 94 minutes
3,17 304 votes

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: 94 minuten

Alternative title: Satan

Country: France

Directed by: Kim Chapiron

Stars: Vincent Cassel, Olivier Barthélémy and Roxane Mesquida

IMDb score: 5,6 (9.487)

Releasedate: 1 February 2006


This movie is not available on US streaming services.


Sheitan plot

It is the day before Christmas and after a night out, a group of young people does not feel like going home. At the disco they meet Eve, a sexy young girl, who invites them to spend the night at her home in the countryside. They accept the proposal and drive there. Once on site, the young people quickly get the feeling that something is not quite right...

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avatar van leatherhead


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Nice unpretentious cabinet of curiosities this film. Although it is really Cassel who takes things in tow; an absolutely brilliant role, proving once again that he is one of my favorite actors. The youngsters serve merely as playthings, but they do so deservingly. A completely unsympathetic, but comical gang of scum, with Bart as an exponent. Bart and Joseph = golden duo!

Quirky black humor, absurdism galore, and all of this interspersed with some visual fun. In short: a guarantee for an evening of fatty food. 3.5*.

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avatar van FillumGek


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What a wonderful French display. I waited way too long to watch this crazy work, but I'm glad it finally happened. From the first moment I was actually in it and before I knew it the credits were running. Cool scenes at the party and in the car accompanied by loud French rap music.

It remains one of my favorite situations in such a genre film; strangers (preferably stupid teenagers) who are far too easily tempted to spend the night somewhere and don't know who they are dealing with. Because even as a viewer you just let it all come to you, while in the meantime you pick up sinister clues much faster than the funny in the film.

Fantastic introduction from Cassel, what a head that guy has. When his head was in the picture, a smile appeared on my face. The rest of the cast faded, although I thought Eve was a nice appearance. Sheitan is almost continuously exciting and although the mystery is clear quite quickly, you are still curious when and how the bomb will burst. So he did well with a brilliant ending. I also don't understand why this isn't classified as horror here, in my opinion it certainly is.

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avatar van Onderhond


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Revisiting is fun.

Especially the role of Cassel of course, although the youth also do quite well as annoying children. Perfect beef for a movie like this, annoying but in a funny and fun way. In terms of European hillbilly happening, it certainly scores well.

Furthermore, a slightly more original cast and some French hip-hop, also not so obvious in this genre. It's small elements that give the film some color, because otherwise Chapiron sticks to the rules of the genre. The only pity is that the build-up takes a bit long and the final is rather on the short side. This is not a less is more genre, so some extra padding at the end would have been nice.

But it's just a nice pocket horror this. Creepy and weird characters, everything with a big wink, more than enough atmosphere and a toffee pay-off. It will certainly not win new souls, but for the enthusiast this remains a very cool piece of work.

4.0* and a extended review

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