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Haute Tension (2003)

Horror | 91 minutes
3,54 965 votes

Genre: Horror / Mystery

Duration: 91 minuten

Alternative titles: Switchblade Romance / High Tension

Country: France

Directed by: Alexandre Aja

Stars: Cécile de France, Maïwenn and Philippe Nahon

IMDb score: 6,7 (78.054)

Releasedate: 18 June 2003

Haute Tension plot

"Hearts will bleed."

Pretty Marie wakes up in a hospital bed, but she has no idea how she got there. When she tries to get up, her back is completely covered with painful scratches and she has a deep cut on her shoulder that the doctors have stitched up. Gradually, Marie begins to remember the details of her accident and it almost seems as if she went through hell...

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Because of all the high ratings I had become curious about this French Horror film by Alexandre Aja. French it is for sure; chansons, lesbian romance, Citroën vans, massacres in remote provincial villages. The film tells the story of two students who go to spend the night with the family of one of the two in the French countryside. But then the whole family is murdered.

The acting was fine, in the beginning quite a bit of drama and then the film burst with Horror and very decent Gore. Up to the plot twist the story was nice, if a little unbelievable (someone who doesn't know where she is and expects the police to find her), but after the plot twist it just doesn't make sense anymore. How can she be the killer herself while she was upstairs in her room when the killer arrived with his bus, where does the bus come from, how does she get guns, how does she know the gas station attendant in a place she's never been…

The film was nicely shot in cinemascope format (obvious John Carpenter and Giallo influences) and the gore and make-up were also well done. There are certainly tense moments in the film, just a shame about the ending.

Nice French Horror. Check out À l'Intérieur and Martyrs soon. Although I have to say that all the modern Horror I've set up so far out of curiosity is a bit disappointing.

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avatar van Onderhond


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Revised and stays just fine.

The horror hype of the '00s has been behind us for a while, so we always have to wait and see how a film like this holds up 15 years later. Fortunately Haute Tension has lost very little of its feathers, clearly one that will be able to hold its own for a while.

But anyone who expects more that horror will be disappointed. It's a very simple film, with a killer and some hunted cattle. There is nothing more. Fortunately, the killer is wonderfully brutal (Nahon makes a lot of very little), the film is pleasantly gloomy and the tension is still good, even if you know where it will all end.

I still have no problem with the ending. While it doesn't add much, I don't see a lot of plotholes or impossibilities with the ending either. It's a twist that serves more as a genre cliché than as added value, but you're also watching a real genre film.

4.0* and a extended review

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