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Instinct (2019)

Drama | 98 minutes
2,60 327 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 98 minuten

Country: Netherlands

Directed by: Halina Reijn

Stars: Carice van Houten, Marwan Kenzari and Marie-Mae van Zuilen

IMDb score: 6,0 (2.835)

Releasedate: 3 October 2019


This movie is not available on US streaming services.


Instinct plot

A psychologist in a TBS clinic ends up in an impossible situation. She falls head over heels in love with one of the patients, the dangerous Idris. He is a serial rapist who is examined and treated in the clinic. It seems like Idris is ready to return to society, but is she?

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avatar van mrklm


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I suspect that only a seasoned psychologist can make chocolate out of the behavior of Nicoline [Carice van Houten], a psychologist who initially acts like an ice rabbit who is just starting a (consciously chosen) temporary appointment in a TBS clinic. When asked why she doesn't want a permanent position anyway, she gives an evasive answer and that is typical of the entire film. Van Houten gives an emotional but unintelligible portrayal and in his role of Idris, a 34-year-old man convicted of multiple sexual assaults, Marwan Kenzari fails to make his character menacing enough to make you tense in front of the screen. or keep the tube glued. Halina Reijn came up with the story herself for her directorial debut, but she also seems to understand little of the screenplay that Esther Gerritsen wrote for her. The actors do their best, certainly in a few scenes that are quite intense for Van Houten and Kenzari, but in vain.

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avatar van hvdriel


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Well, aren't there enough professionals in the Netherlands who could have taken obvious weaknesses out of the script? mjk87 speaks of a scripted film, and I think that's a nice designation. While watching, you read the script back in the film, as it were, and you hear the stage directions on the set. So uncomfortable for the movie viewer.

Let's hope that things are more professional in a TBS clinic in the Netherlands than in the film, that interns are supervised and are not released, and that a team of psychologists listen to each other.

You don't layer by having an actress stare deeply, then tired, icy cold or panicked. Not even by letting someone talk about a dog and later show the main character a dog in her bedroom. And you don't draw a character by placing her next to a happily married sister with a child, and a somewhat senile mother without a husband.

It's all so well-intentioned and so uncomfortable at the same time.

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avatar van Caro.0


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Terribly bad film, I think Carice is a strong actress in other films, but under the direction of Halina she changes into an image of Halina as an actress, forced dramatic at strange moments, always a tormented expression..... She plays an incompetent psychologist whose you may hope to never meet them if you need help. She cannot communicate normally humanly and makes mistake upon mistake upon mistake. What Halina is trying to express here is incomprehensible. I think it's a bad script/story without an understandable line. The psych gives in to self-destructive behavior and projects all kinds of things onto everyone, does not know itself and constantly radiates fear (if that is not the intention, it is badly acted) in situations where there is no threat yet and does not seem quite right. is afraid if she is not in danger, because she actually has all the power at those moments, but chooses not to use it (except in the end as revenge), the so-called infatuation is unbelievable, too fast a turn in attitude towards Idris. And she's not in love, because she's clearly incapable of intimate relationships, seems autistic, only to some kind of raunchy sex where she prefers not to look at each other and play a game of attract and repel, like she's still a teenager. No, direction and script by Halina is unfortunately not an enrichment for the Dutch film, (luckily we still have people like Kim van Kooten), terribly amateurish with regard to story and game, some images are beautiful cinematographic, but I expect a nice story, heavy disappointing.

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