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Fair Game (2010)

Drama | 108 minutes
3,08 714 votes

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Duration: 108 minuten

Country: United States / United Arab Emirates

Directed by: Doug Liman

Stars: Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Bruce McGill

IMDb score: 6,8 (51.098)

Releasedate: 20 May 2010

Fair Game plot

"Wife. Mother. Spy."

Joseph Wilson (Sean Penn) is sent to Iraq by the CIA with orders to prepare a report on possible weapons of mass destruction. Wilson finds nothing of this in Iraq, publishes his report in the New York Times and writes that he finds the United States' invasion of Iraq illegal. This exposes the identity of his wife, Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts), a CIA agent.

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avatar van Dievegge


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This political thriller gives a realistic picture of what the CIA is doing. It is a portrait of Valerie Plame, a secret agent who got into trouble after her husband Joseph Wilson published a report on alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. George W. Bush's entourage is exposed as a band of liars who made life miserable for those who wanted to get the truth out. The slightly longer director's cut mentions that Scooter Libby, the man who leaked Plame's identity, was given a full pardon in 2018. That creates the impression that nothing has changed. The role of the media is also worrisome. Are they there to spread objective information or to keep Americans stupid?

It contains real footage of lying White House press conferences, and of Valerie Plame during the closing credits. Naomi Watts has imitated her appearance well. She portrays a woman who wanted to achieve something, but unwittingly ended up in a whirlwind. The title can be translated in two ways. "Fair game" would be ironic; "game that may be hunted" on the other hand, gives an idea of what they did to that woman.

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avatar van Filmreiziger


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good CIA movie, although I expected a little more from it. A mix of styles. Classic CIA in the beginning, a drama in the end. Naomi Watts convinces, Sean Penn for me a little less. Sometimes a bit difficult to follow and the way of filming did not always appeal to me. Image quality was mediocre, but that may have been due to the specific transfer of my disc. The movie didn't really suck me into the story. It was certainly an interesting film and you get a (I feel) realistic look at how the white house works and how the CIA works. And while we all knew it by now, it's still shocking how the story of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction has been completely lied to and how facts have been manipulated. shocking. All in all, not a compelling movie night, but an interesting movie night. 3 stars.

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avatar van mrklm


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Watts and Penn are well cast in this biographical drama about CIA agent Valerie Plame [Watts] who plays a key role in a number of covert operations critical to the security of the US and the world shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Besides her colleagues, only her parents and husband Joe Wilson [Penn], an experienced ambassador, know what she does for work. When Wilson sees that the US government is distorting the facts to provoke a conflict with Iraq, he speaks out publicly, with unforeseen consequences that turn Joe and Valerie's lives upside down. Rock solid acting from both protagonists keeps this captivating until the very end and the scenes with Watts and some of her contacts are strong as well. The one-dimensional portrayal of the 'bad guys' detracts from the objectivity of the story leaving it unconvincing. Based on the autobiographies of Plame and Wilson, who died in 2019.

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