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Der Knochenmann (2009)

Crime | 117 minutes
3,39 31 votes

Genre: Crime / Thriller

Duration: 117 minuten

Alternative title: The Bone Man

Country: Austria

Directed by: Wolfgang Murnberger

Stars: Josef Hader, Birgit Minichmayr and Josef Bierbichler

IMDb score: 7,4 (4.910)

Releasedate: 9 February 2009


This movie is not available on US streaming services.


Der Knochenmann plot

Simon Brenner works in Vienna at a car leasing company, where it is his job to reclaim the car involved from contract breakers. One day he is ordered to pick up a Porsche from a certain Horvath who is staying in a guesthouse in the Austrian mountains. On the spot, however, there is no trace of Horvath, but soon Brenner notices strange things and decides to extend his stay there...

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avatar van wendyvortex


  • 4988 messages
  • 7112 votes

Nice surprise from Austria, this film that switches between many genres: drama, romance, humor, thriller, horror and all set in and around one of those gemütliche Stube where they regularly take those bus trips full of elderly people. to sell them pans and duvets.

The main character arrives as a repo man to reclaim a car, but stays there and gets to know the friendly innkeeper, his ambitious son, Eastern Bloc criminals, a mysterious waiter and the son's very charming wife and of course there is also time to to sing along in polonaise to that famous Austrian hit: Live Is Life.

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avatar van Collins


  • 6283 messages
  • 3742 votes

A comedy crime film from Austria and quite fun too. On a narrative basis of death, flesh and destruction, a number of nice plots develop based on interpersonal relationships. A film with a lot of black humor and macabre events. Nice characters too, who express themselves wonderfully dry and frank with that funny Austrian language. There is a pleasant but also bizarre atmosphere in the film.

The crime at issue in the film is solved relatively quickly. That's not really what it's about. The creator is more concerned with the motives of the characters and the mutual entanglements of the characters. The fact that the characters are not sweethearts is not only evident in their hypocritical behavior, but also in a number of brutal scenes that are provided with humorous accents entirely in line with the light-hearted tone. Ruthless violence alternates with situation comedy alternates with melancholic moments. Director Wolfgang Murnberger knows how to forge an excellent coherent whole from these disparate elements.

The Bone Man is good because of the variety, the dry humor, the grotesque events. The acting is good. The characters are highly exaggerated and unbelievable, but always in an acceptable way. At the end the film goes wild for a while with a wonderfully turbulent sequence of bizarre events. Funny and a bit moving and perhaps a bit shocking. In any case, the film leaves you with a pleasant feeling.

Nice movie. Sometimes it was a bit too cozy for me. Too gemütlich. A little more sharpness in the dialogues, a little more venom in the characters and a little more menace in the atmosphere would have made the film even more exciting. I had a good time, but the film was certainly not overflowing with tension.

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avatar van AniSter


  • 1983 messages
  • 1523 votes

In broad terms: not really spectacular. This film relies on a few incidental scenes: a few intense and a few very fun ones, where I thought the "book study" between Horvath and Berti stood out: nice dry humor. The second half of the film, which had a bit more pace, made up for the lack of the first half. The music at the costume party was also excellent; that band can come and play the next time I have a party.

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