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De Kuthoer (2019)

Comedy | 84 minutes
2,75 330 votes

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Duration: 84 minuten

Alternative title: The Columnist

Country: Netherlands

Directed by: Ivo van Aart

Stars: Katja Herbers, Claire Porro and Bram Van Der Kelen

IMDb score: 6,2 (2.281)

Releasedate: 20 December 2019

De Kuthoer plot

Columnist and author Femke Boot is terrorized every day with anonymous nasty messages on social media and is sometimes even wished to die. One day she is completely done with it and the anger flares up in her. Femke decides to take revenge on her 'reaguurders'.

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avatar van mjk87

mjk87 (moderator films)

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Film that shows how left-wing people deal with freedom of expression: hypocritically and with violence. At least that's what the film seems to want to say.

Not always that good. Visually not very special, as if you are just watching a news broadcast. And such a Flemish accent is also very distracting and some moments were only moderately worked out. Certainly in the beginning that 28-year-old student (?) was not surprised that Herbers suddenly stood there in his house. Furthermore, this could have been even more gruesome or grotesque to really make an impression.

Doesn't take away from the fact that I had a good time, especially by Herbers who just manages to bring this believable. Also in terms of locations with a normal new residential area and back paths with sheds and NS trains to give it all a feeling of recognisability. In the beginning Herbers also gets that comment that people like that, and I think that's right. 3.0*.

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avatar van coumi


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To stay in style: not a shit movie, but it's not overwhelming either. The biggest problem is that Van Aart can't seem to choose whether this should be humor, horror or serious drama, resulting in a somewhat unbalanced cocktail of genres. Probably intended as an indictment of the social media nonsense, but what we mainly see is an unlikely portrait of an introverted, neurotic and over the top crazy aunt. If only the entire film had been as strong as the wonderfully absurd final scene, I could have been a lot more enthusiastic here, but now this remains mainly a case of old wine in new bottles. Because we know them from back in the day, those runaway ladies. From Serial Mom (more humor) to Mama is angry! (more absurd) and indeed the above mentioned Ms.45 (more straightforward and serious). Small enough for this quickly forgotten telefilm and the same goes for Herbers' acting. Katja, the beautiful and mysterious personality from Westworld isn't bad here as an old-looking, nervous wreck, but that dogged streak around her mouth quickly started to annoy me. Too easygoing and too unambitious to offer anything innovative this.

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avatar van Q Jones

Q Jones

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Definitely don't think it's bad. Great entertainment

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