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Beau Is Afraid (2023)

Comedy | 178 minutes
3,21 228 votes

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Duration: 178 minuten

Country: United States / United Kingdom / Finland / Canada

Directed by: Ari Aster

Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Nathan Lane and Amy Ryan

IMDb score: 6,7 (56.276)

Beau Is Afraid plot

Follows the life of one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. On a personal level, the man is naturally tense and maintains a complex relationship with his domineering mother. He never knew his father. When his mother dies, he travels back to the parental home where he comes into contact with the supernatural.

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avatar van mrklm


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Partly due to an extremely restless night full of bizarre incidents, Beau Wassermann [Joaquin Phoenix] misses his flight, forcing him to postpone the planned visit to his mother [Patti LuPone]. She doesn't thank him for that. To make a long (and crazy) story short: Beau ends up in the hospital, learns that his mother has died and that she cannot be buried until he is present. His attempt to reach his mother's house is the common thread in a film that cannot be tied to a rope. A naked psychopath [Ernest-James Chuipka] who attacks random people on the street with a knife, a bear of a guy [Denis Ménochet] who jumps through or into anything, and a huge penis are part from a cabinet of curiosities that must pass for a screenplay. Phoenix's intense play (Razzie-worthy) makes it all even worse. An almost impossible to sit through, three-hour pretentious horror!

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avatar van De filosoof

De filosoof

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The movie isn't as weird or inscrutable as I expected. The style is grotesque in the typical style of Aster, but this time often with a pronounced comic (instead of horror) effect as well as surrealistic in which reality, fears, dreams and memories intertwine, but the story is clear: the structure is that of an odyssey in which Beau tries to get home after wanderings, where the journey is mainly psychological because Beau has a toxic relationship with his mother and has to come to terms with it. I believe that in the 17th century Locke wrote something like that the love or care between parent and child is reciprocal but not at the same time: when the child is young it should receive the love of its parents who will give it (much) later. pays back when his parents grow old. But some parents—like the borderline mother in the film—demand their young child return their love already, which suffocates and damages the child. For example, his mother punished and damaged young Beau for his development into an autonomous individual and deliberately made him afraid of the world, such as by telling him that he will die if he has sex with a girl.

The film is long – maybe too long – but it did not bore me: the first part is downright hilarious, after which the film occasionally falls into madness, but both the individual scenes and the plot twists remain imaginative and therefore fascinating. Right in the middle there is a meta-stack of a play within a play that depicts Beau's life and thus fulfills a pivotal function to the second part with the confrontation between mother and son and denouement. It is a very entertaining and strong film - also due to the strong playing of Joaquin Phoenix - with which Aster is back at a very high level after the weaker Midsommar.

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avatar van hvdriel


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The birth of everyone is a fearful experience. You float safely in the womb and at one point you are pushed down the drain with brute force. See the prologue here.

Forty-year-old Beau never recovered from this traumatic experience and continued to live in a world that frightens him (in part 1), in a world in which he - without a chance - is given the opportunity to become an adult again as a child (part 2) . Only the theater of his life then, now and in the future provides some relief in part 3, but in the end it does not help him. His mother, dead and alive, continues to direct his life (part 4) and condemns him in a Kafkaesque case law, situated in the womb (epilogue).

Anyone who reads this and thinks they are becoming paranoid themselves is close to my film experience: overwhelming, hectic, bewildering and above all unique. For three hours, images and sounds literally flood the cinema and afterwards you are no longer the person who innocently thought to 'go and catch a movie' when you entered.

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