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Spaghettiman (2016)

Action | 87 minutes
2,50 7 votes

Genre: Action / Comedy

Duration: 87 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Mark Potts

Stars: Brand Rackley and Winston Carter

IMDb score: 5,2 (615)

Releasedate: 19 February 2016

Spaghettiman plot

"You've been served... spaghetti"

Clark doesn't care about anything. Not for the world and not even for themselves. After an incident involving an old bowl of spaghetti and a broken microwave, he becomes a superhero. But not just any one. Clark gains the ability to fight evil with the power of spaghetti. You just have to pay him for this.

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Clark / Spaghetti Man

Dale / Shadow Man

Anthony Banner

Miss Hansen

Dizzy Daisy


Henchninja X

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avatar van Pazmaster


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Pretty bad, but it's so bad that it actually becomes funny again. This B movie pokes fun at superhero movies, and I can appreciate that. It's all pretty clumsy, the acting is bad and the action really doesn't look good. What the film does succeed in is its humor. I finished the film with a big smile on my face, there are plenty of funny (but lame) jokes in it, and that's exactly what a comedy should do. Therefore, a pass for this very bad film.

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avatar van Flipman


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With such an extremely limited budget - as I understand it, a large part of the cast consists of volunteers - and such a bizarre premise, I think that Spaghettiman looks and plays out exactly as it should. The whole make-or-break aesthetic fits perfectly with the setup, the plot, the characters and the setting. Oh, and let's not forget the protagonist's personality! That guy is so selfish and stingy that the appearance of a movie that costs much more would be absolutely out of place here.

Everything about this is 'just not'. And that should be the case. It is not meant seriously, let alone that the film is made to compete with Marvel or DC. And yet I think the narrative is quite well put together for its genre and style. I think how Dale slides into the shadows to make Clark a hero, even if he has to give up his dream of becoming a police officer is very nicely developed. And yet I don't have to shed any tears about it, because you have to take Spaghettiman with a grain of salt. Preferably combined with popcorn. Or pasta.

I also find the film hilarious. I promise you, my rating would have been the same if the average had been higher, so I didn't vote high on purpose to boost the average. As soon as you get the chance and don't have your expectations too high, grab a plate of pasta, a paper bag, a broken microwave and enjoy.

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