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Why we won't ever see Kevin Smith direct a Marvel movie
Photo: © ANP

Why we won't ever see Kevin Smith direct a Marvel movie

Why we won't ever see Kevin Smith direct a Marvel movie
Photo: © ANP

Kevin Smith is a huge fan of the likes of Marvel and Star Wars, but that doen't mean he has aspirations of helming a movie in either of the respective universes.

The writer, actor and director is famous for his work on the likes of the Clerks franchise, Jay and Silent Bob and Dogma. In every one of his movies, there are numerous cultural refernces to the likes of Marvel and Star Wars - the latter in particular.

He is also a self-confessed nerd and very much part of the fandom of the two juggernaut franchises.

But, Smith has no intention of directing a Marvel or Star Wars movie due to the toxic fandom attached to both.

"It’s a fool’s errand – you’re going to piss somebody off," he told the Guardian when asked if he would like to get involved in either franchise.

"Fandom is rabid and tribal. When I worked on Masters of the Universe, I took a lot of heat from people who felt like I had ruined their childhood.

"Going near a Marvel or a Star Wars would make me insanely reticent. They’ve got a billion people to make those movies, but nobody’s making Kevin Smith movies, so I might as well make them."

Kevin Smith's Superman Lives

Smith infamously wrote a new Superman movie in the 1990s titled Superman Lives.

The movie would have seen Nicolas Cage in the role as Superman, though studio demands proved bizarre, such as the Man of Steel having a black suit instead of red and white and even not being allowed to fly.

Tim Burton was eventually hired as the director, but due to Smith becoming angered at the studio interference, and the poor box office return of Burton's Mars Attacks, the movie was eventually shelved.

Footage was even leaked of Cage in the Superman suit...

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