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The director of the Worst Movie Ever Made has another film coming out

The director of the Worst Movie Ever Made has another film coming out

The director of the Worst Movie Ever Made has another film coming out

Tommy Wiseau famously wrote and directed The Room, which many critics consider to be one of the worst movies ever made.

It is so bad that it actually gained a cult following as the years progressed, and the movie's production was actually turned into another movie, The Disaster Artist, which saw James Franco take on the role of Wiseau.

Tom, Bissell, who co-wrote the book The Disaster Artist on which the movie is based, said of The Room:

"It is like a movie made by an alien who has never seen a movie, but has had movies thoroughly explained to him. There's not often that a work of film has every creative decision that's made in it on a moment-by-moment basis seemingly be the wrong one.

"The Room, to me, shatters the distinction between good and bad. Do I think it's a good movie? No. Do I think it's a strong movie that moves me on the level that art usually moves me? Absolutely not.

"But I can't say it's bad because it's so watchable. It's so fun. It's brought me so much joy. How can something that's bad do those things for me?"

The Room was released in 2003 and it has taken Wiseau two decades to get back behind the camera for his next project, which is titled Big Shark which tells the story of three firefighters who must try and save New Orleans from, well, a big shark.

It will star Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Isaiah LaBorde, Erica Mary Gillheeney, Ashton Leigh and Hannah Mouton.

Watch the trailer below:

Big Shark trailer

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