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Spaceman Cast: Every Star in the Netflix Original Movie
Photo: © Adam Sandler in (C)Netflix new film: Spaceman (2024). Supplied by LMKMEDIA

Spaceman Cast: Every Star in the Netflix Original Movie

Spaceman Cast: Every Star in the Netflix Original Movie
Photo: © Adam Sandler in (C)Netflix new film: Spaceman (2024). Supplied by LMKMEDIA

Netflix's latest original movie, "Spaceman," has garnered significant attention, not just for its intriguing plot but also for its stellar cast.

Directed by Johan Renck, the film explores the introspective journey of an astronaut, Jakub, portrayed by Adam Sandler, as he embarks on a solitary research mission to the edge of the solar system.

This article delves into the cast of "Spaceman," highlighting the talents that bring this cosmic tale to life.

Spaceman Cast: Adam Sandler as Jakub

Adam Sandler takes on the lead role of Jakub, an astronaut who finds himself adrift in the cosmos. Known for his comedic roles, Sandler explores more sombre and introspective territory in "Spaceman," showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Director Johan Renck praised Sandler's performance, emphasising his intelligence and profoundness, which were crucial for the role.

Sandler's portrayal of Jakub is a departure from his usual characters, offering audiences a glimpse into his range as an actor.

Carey Mulligan as Lenka

Carey Mulligan stars as Lenka, Jakub's earthbound wife, whose relationship with Jakub forms the heart of the movie. Mulligan's performance has been lauded by Renck for her technical skills and authenticity.

Her portrayal of Lenka is pivotal to the film, as it explores the themes of love, space, and time through the lens of their relationship.


Spaceman Cast: Paul Dano as the Voice of Hanuš

Paul Dano lends his voice to Hanuš, the mysterious creature that Jakub encounters on his mission. Dano's unique voice and careful formulation of words bring the character of Hanuš to life, adding depth to the film's narrative.

The dynamic between Jakub and Hanuš is central to the story, as they work together to make sense of Jakub's personal turmoil.

Supporting Cast

  • Kunal Nayyar plays the role of Peter, a technician who plays a crucial role in the story.
  • Isabella Rossellini portrays Commissioner Tuma, Jakub's commanding officer, adding gravitas to the film's cast.

The Making of Spaceman

"Spaceman" is based on the novel "Spaceman of Bohemia" by Jaroslav Kalfa?, which started as a college project and evolved into a full-length novel.

The adaptation to screen has been met with enthusiasm from Kalfa?, who praised the film's rendition of his work. The film's production involved simulating zero gravity, a challenge that Sandler faced with determination, spending much of his time on set suspended by wires.

Release and Reception

"Spaceman" is set to premiere at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival before its release on Netflix on March 1.

The film's unique blend of drama, love, and cosmic adventure is anticipated to delight audiences, especially those with a penchant for "weird art."


  • When will "Spaceman" be available on Netflix? - "Spaceman" will be available on Netflix from March 1, following its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival.

  • What is "Spaceman" about? - "Spaceman" follows astronaut Jakub on a solitary research mission at the edge of the solar system, as he grapples with personal issues and encounters a mysterious creature named Hanuš.

  • Who directed "Spaceman"? - Johan Renck directed "Spaceman," bringing a unique vision to the adaptation of Jaroslav Kalfa?'s novel.

  • Is "Spaceman" based on a book? - Yes, "Spaceman" is based on the novel "Spaceman of Bohemia" by Jaroslav Kalfa?.

  • Who stars in "Spaceman"? - The film stars Adam Sandler as Jakub, Carey Mulligan as Lenka, Paul Dano as the voice of Hanuš, with Kunal Nayyar and Isabella Rossellini in supporting roles.

"Spaceman" promises to be a compelling addition to Netflix's roster of original films, offering a blend of drama, introspection, and cosmic adventure.

With a cast led by Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, and Paul Dano, the film is set to explore the depths of human emotion against the backdrop of the vast cosmos.

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