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Ryan Gosling tipped to play MAJOR big bad in the MCU
Photo: © ANP

Ryan Gosling tipped to play MAJOR big bad in the MCU

Ryan Gosling tipped to play MAJOR big bad in the MCU
Photo: © ANP

Various rumours online have suggested that Ryan Gosling could soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play a major villain.

Now that Thanos has been defeated and the original Avengers have disbanded, Marvel are outlining the next epic battle between the new-look Avengers and a new big bad.

With X-Men and the Fantastic Four set to join the MCU, the scope for villains has opened, and it could be someone from the latter causing trouble, as Gosling has been tipped to play Doctor Doom.

The Thanos-level big bad for the next phase in the MCU was believed to be Kang the Conqueror, played by Jonathan Majors, but according to one source, Gosling and Doom will be pitted against The Avengers.

Film critic and movie industry insider Jeff Sneider explained to The Hot Mic:

“Doctor Doom is obviously the next Thanos. They want to say it’s Kang but it’s not. I mean Kang is going to be like the min-boss. He’s not a Thanos-level foe nor do I think Jonathan Majors is a Thanos-level villain. So I think it’s all about Doctor Doom.

“Do you want to hear my theory on who is going to be Doctor Doom?

“Here is my theory. This is not news. I don’t want to impose this as news. I don’t want it aggregated as news. I think that your Doctor Doom has been skating around California in neon outfits.”

Sneider was speaking in reference to Gosling being spotted wearing neon spandex and roller skates while filming for the new Barbie movie.

Why would Gosling take the role?

Gosling is one of a few A-list actors who are yet to answer to call to appear in a Marvel movie.

Sneider believes that, though Gosling would have had reservations in the past about being a supervillain, his presence in blockbuster The Gray Man shows that he is now open to big-budget epics that pay well.

“The Gray Man is like another chapter in this dude’s career," he continued.

"Do you know what the chapter is? It’s the chapter that says ‘papa gotta get paid!’ That’s what it is. It’s Ryan Gosling who you can be assured has been approached by Marvel and DC in the past and has resisted all overtures.

"Now he’s got kids. He’s doing Gray Man movies, universes.

“So if he’s ready to do something like that, I can see him doing a superhero movie. Now we’re talking Marvel or DC. I think he would do Marvel for obvious reasons, and I don’t think Ryan Gosling loves being the hero.

"He has a darkness about him. We know this. I think they would be very lucky to have him. And I think that is my prediction, Ryan Gosling will be Doctor Doom."

The Den of Nerds Twitter account also speculated that Gosling is playing Doctor Doom and has already been approached by Marvel executive Kevin Fiege.

“If you don’t want Ryan Gosling as Doctor Doom, you should let Feige know ASAP…” the tweet read.

The Fantastic 4 reboot will be released in 2024 and is directed by Matt Shakman and written by Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer.

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