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EXCLUSIVE: Renowned Italian actress Margherita Peluso explains the Lucid Body acting method
Photo: © ANP

EXCLUSIVE: Renowned Italian actress Margherita Peluso explains the Lucid Body acting method

EXCLUSIVE: Renowned Italian actress Margherita Peluso explains the Lucid Body acting method
Photo: © ANP

There are many forms of preparation that actors and performers use before a scene or a whole production, whether it be in theatre, film or television.

Perhaps the most famous form of preparation is Method Acting in which the performer stays in character throughout the production in order to fully immerse themselves in a role. Perhaps the most famous proponent of this is Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis, who, for example, learned to become a competent butcher for his role in Gangs of New York and actually became an extremely talented boxer for his role in The Boxer.

Another method that is gaining traction is the Lucid Body method of acting preparation.

A major campaigner for this is renowned Italian actress Margherita Peluso, who sat down with MovieMeter to explain how it all works.

"The Lucic Body method is a psychosomatic process for actors," she shared.

"It's a method that helps an actor to expand, to find a different range of human behaviour. It allows an actor to find a darker side of themselves, using their energy centre. Because, energy centres are something we all have and they are connected to our behaviour.

"We are wearing a mask, and we call this a persona. This is what we are presenting as ourselves, because of tradition, education, family and culture.

"Our bodies carry all of these habits. With Lucid Body, we are going to take off all of these layers, through the psychosomatic body, in order to get your body lucid. We are going to discover the complexity of character from inside out. It's a transformative process, but a healing process.

"Once you take a deep dive into this, you can diagnose your persona.

"We are going to go to a vulnerable place - normally the place you avoid or run away from."

Lucid Body v Method Acting

As Lucid Body deals with one's self, while Method Acting involves the complete transformation into another character, it could be suggested that these two acting methods are polar opposites.

Peluso doesn't agree, though, and believes that both methods require the performer to look into their heart and perhaps channel into their own lives or persona for the performances.

"I think they go in the same pot. Because we start with ourselves, but then we have to relate with another person," she explained.

"Drama, to exist, needs conflict. You can create your own conflict, with your demons, but then you have to confront yourself with another person.

"Everything that is personal becomes universal. We are always connected with ourselves in order to empathise. When I allow myself, and I work with my body to make it lucid, I can find myself in a non-judgemental state.

"Be present, and open my heart.

"No matter what method you use, you need to use your heart, or the audience doesn't connect."

Peluso is such a fan and endorser of Lucid Body that she has started a retreat in Sicily for practising actors to become accustomed to the method and its benefits.

You can read all about Lucid Body by clicking HERE.

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