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Prey director suggests a sequel is on the horizon
Photo: © ANP

Prey director suggests a sequel is on the horizon

Prey director suggests a sequel is on the horizon
Photo: © ANP

The director of Prey has suggested that a sequel to the Predator prequel is on the horizon.

Prey followed a young Comanche warrior, Naru (Amber Midthunder), who battles an unknown alien creature in the Great Plains of North America. Though the movie takes advantage of some impressive special effects, the Predator itself is played in full creature mode by former basketball player Dane DiLiegro.

Prey was so much of a success that there has been continued speculation about a second movie, and director Dan Trachtenberg already has plenty of ideas.

"I can’t really say anything about that right now, but I’ll say while we were finishing the movie, we were having really exciting conversations," he told The Playlist.

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"The studio, myself, the writer, and the producers about what crazy things could we do next. And I’ve never stopped, no one stopped thinking about how cool things could be going forward.”

Trachtenberg has always envisioned the Predator franchise being one in which different directors can come in and stamp their own mark on things, akin to The Terminator and Alien.

"I always think the Predator, Alien and Terminator movies, despite having different directors, all feel like they're of their own little genre. I think it's in large part, mainly thinking of Aliens over Alien, the action-horror mash-up, but with a real hankering for the military aspects feeling more authentic than not

"There's always this authentic blend of where you're rooted in the real world, then the introduction of the sci-fi element, that (John) McTiernan and (James) Cameron were so deft at."

Amber Midthunder wants a Prey sequel

Midthunder has previously proclaimed her desire for Naru to return in a sequel.

“The movie is such a journey that definitely as the character by the end it feels like — well, also, there’s the — I think that it does in part feel like that," she told Collider.

"I think it's a hope for the best, prepare for the worst kind of situation. I think that it feels as though they're not gonna come back, but there are ultimately obviously all kinds of threats out there that are unforeseen.

"Even like the French fur trappers in that interaction and stuff like that, those are all discoveries of things that are out there that they had no idea about. So I think that it's not necessarily preparing for more predators or whatever; I think it's just there unforeseen threats and we gotta be ready.”

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