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Jordan Peele explains 'Gordy' sequence in Nope
Photo: © ANP

Jordan Peele explains 'Gordy' sequence in Nope

Jordan Peele explains 'Gordy' sequence in Nope
Photo: © ANP

Nope director Jordan Peele has provided an explanation for the infamous Gordy scene in the sci-fi horror epic.

Throught Nope, we are given flashbacks involving a younger version of Steven Yeun's character, Ricky 'Jupe' Park.

The flashbacks see Jupe in a family television show entitled Gordy's Home. Gordy is played by a chimpanzee who, when startled by bursting baloons, viciously attacks and maims his human co-stars with the exception of Jupe, whom the animal fist-bumps.

There is no direct correlation between this section of the movie and the storyline involving Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer's brother and sister pair attempting to take down a mysterious UFO.

Peele says the Gordy parts of Nope are there as an explanation for rage.

“It’s about exploitation,” Peele tells Empire.

“It’s about feelings of rage. At the industry."

Gordy is, after all, an animal whose proper instincts and feelings have been neutered by the showbiz industry.

“We fear Gordy, but we don’t hate Gordy,” Peele added

“I think there’s an interesting thing happening for the audience there.”

Terry Notary plays Gordy

The chimpanzee is played by Terry Notary, famed for his motion capture performances in The Planet of the Apes sequel franchise as well as Avengers: Infinity War.

Notary himself likened Gordy's treatment to Peele's as a young man attempting to make it in the industry.

"Jordan talked to me a little bit about his career in the beginning,” Notary remembers

“He said, ‘People take advantage of animals and people, and Gordy’s sequence is important, because it kind of represents my early career as a performer.'

"I didn’t want to play evil. It was just, ‘this is what I do! And I’m sorry about that. I know I’m probably upsetting people, but I can’t help it. You are forcing me to do something that I don’t do normally, and I’ve reached my breaking point.'"

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