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How Corey Stoll returned to the Ant-Man franchise
Photo: © ANP

How Corey Stoll returned to the Ant-Man franchise

How Corey Stoll returned to the Ant-Man franchise
Photo: © ANP

Corey Stoll says he didn't have to be asked twice to return to the Ant-Man franchise for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

In the first Ant-Man movie, released in 2015, Stoll played the primary villain, Darren Cross, who eventually turns into Yellowjacket. The character is vapourised at the conclusion of the film with Scott Lang coming out on top in the climactic fight.

However, Cross returns in Quantumania as MODOK (Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing), a henchman of Kang the Conqueror.

The depiction of MODOK in the third Ant-Man movie has polarised critics and fans, but Stoll was desperate to reprise his role of Darren...even if it wasn't the Darren we knew before.

"I got a call from my manager saying, 'Peyton (Reed, director) wants to talk to you about possibly coming back in the next movie and possibly coming back in a different form', and I didn't know what that meant," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

"For the days I was waiting between knowing I had the call and talking to Peyton, my mind went into all these crazy ideas about what I could be playing, and with the multiverse, anything could happen. But I did not think of MODOK."

MODOK is like...Shakespeare?

As well as various film and television roles, Stoll is known for his work in theatre as he has featured in many Shakespeare plays.

The Hollywood Reporter facetiously compared the role of MODOK to one of Stoll's Shakespeare performances. Still, the actor explained the similarities as they are both types of roles that scare him.

"Tere was no selling going on. I think Peyton thought he was going to have to convince me, because he called me before they actually wrote it," he continued.

"They had this idea to transform Darren into MODOK, but they wanted to make sure that I was on board to play him before they wrote it. And I was a hundred per cent on board.

"I know you were joking by comparing him to (my) Shakespearean roles, but the roles that scare you are the ones that you need to do. And this role was so crazy. You're putting so much faith into the hands of the filmmakers to complete your performance, and it's so broad. But there was no way I could not do it."

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has received mixed reviews from critics since it was released around a week ago.

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