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Florence Pugh reveals why she is sporting a shaved head
Photo: © ANP

Florence Pugh reveals why she is sporting a shaved head

Florence Pugh reveals why she is sporting a shaved head
Photo: © ANP

Florence Pugh has revealed why she opted to shave her head for a role in upcoming movie, We Live in Time.

The actress is one of the most sought-after young stars in Hollywood currently and will next appear in Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer.

At the 2023 Met Gala, as well as the various screenings for Oppenheimer, Pugh has sported a shaved head, and she insists she did this as vanity was not important for her character in her next movie.

“I purposefully chose to look like that. I wanted vanity out of the picture,” she told the Radio Times.

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“Hollywood is very glamorous – especially for women – and it’s hard for an audience to see past that. Whenever I’ve not needed to be glam or have a full face of makeup, I fight to keep it that way. It helps the audience.

“Vanity is gone. The only thing that people can look at then is your raw face. Even at the beginning of my career, I was always fighting to control my image.”

We Live in Time is a romance movie starring Pugh and Andrew Garfield.

The role that nearly made Florence Pugh quit Hollywood

Pugh says that she questioned whether she would suit a career in Hollywood shortly after moving to Los Angeles.

The Brit first hit fame through her performance in The Falling, and she was subsequently cast in a pilot called Studio City, a dramatic comedy about a young pop star dealing with fame.

It ultimately didn't get picked up, but the experience left a negative impression on Pugh, who was asked to alter her appearance by executives.

“I felt very lucky and grateful, and couldn’t believe that I had got this top-of-the-game job,” she told The Telegraph.

“All the things that they were trying to change about me, whether it was my weight, my look, the shape of my face, the shape of my eyebrows, that was so not what I wanted to do, or the industry I wanted to work in.

“I’d thought the film business would be like The Falling, but actually, this was what the top of the game looked like, and I felt I’d made a massive mistake."

After Studio City wasn't commissioned, Pugh returned to the United Kingdom, but not long after she landed a starring role in Lady Macbeth, and that project made her reclaim her passion for acting.

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