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Anthony Mackie 'so f***ing nervous' working with Harrison Ford on Captain America 4
Photo: © ANP

Anthony Mackie 'so f***ing nervous' working with Harrison Ford on Captain America 4

Anthony Mackie 'so f***ing nervous' working with Harrison Ford on Captain America 4
Photo: © ANP

Anthony Mackie has spoken about his nerves ahead of working with legendary actor Harrison Ford on Captain America: Brave New World.

For the fourth Captain America standalone movie, Mackie has taken up the mantle of Cap following the retirement of Steve Rogers following the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Sam Wilson has been trusted with the shield now, and will present a different version of Cap as he does not have the super soldier abilities as his predecessor.

One of the expected primary villains of Brave New World will be General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, who is now the President of the United States within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ford stepped into the role following the passing of William Hurt, who previously played the character in the MCU.

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Mackie is, of course, the main man on Captain America 4, but that doesn't mean he wasn't nervous about working with Ford, one of the greatest A-list actors of all time.

"The first day was so intimidating," he told Inverse.

"I was so f**king nervous I couldn't remember my lines. He's Harrison f**king Ford. There is this aura about him. But he dispels that really quickly because he's such a cool guy. He's everything a movie star should be. He would say, 'Let's shoot this piece of s**t.' And everybody was like, 'Yeah, let's shoot this s**t.'"

Captain America 4 was previously named Captain America: New World Order, but the title was changed due to the right-wing connotations of that term.

Anthony Mackie wanted to play Black Panther

Mackie entered the MCU in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a friend and ally of Steve Rogers. He would go on to reprise the role in numerous MCU properties including The Falcon and the Winter Solider, a series on Disney+.

However, the actor himself admits that it was Black Panther was the superhero he was desperate to play.

“I had been contacting Marvel a lot about Black Panther,” he revealed.

“I had written them letters. I was trying to find a way to make them make Black Panther. And I wanted to be Black Panther because growing up I f*cking loved Black Panther.

“I’ll never forget, Joe Russo  said: ‘Listen, so we’re doing this movie. We want you to be in it. We can’t say what character you’re playing or who else is going to be in it. Would you do it?’ And that was it.

“I was like, ‘You know what, I like y’all dudes. I’ll do it. I’ll go on this ride with you.’”

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